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Western Bahr el Ghazal assures fastening developmental programs

December 24, 2009 (KHARTOUM) — The Governor of Southern State of western Bahr el Ghazal, Mark Nyipuoc, during his address to leaders of Diasporas representatives meeting in Wau town, has assured citizens and residents that his government works tirelessly to develop the state.

“We are fastening developmental programs;” Nyipuoc said stressing that his Government is in a dire need of supports to expedite development in all areas to meet aspirations of people living at home and abroad.

The Governor also denied allegations that his administration is failing to deliver saying they are as unfounded accusations adding that development takes a long time to achieve. It is neither a thought nor wish but implementation of collective dreams and efforts, he said.

He called on State citizens living abroad to contribute to the state development by investing their money back home, saying that the task of developing the country needed concerted efforts of all Sudanese people both at home and abroad.

“It is not late for you to start investing in your country particularly your home state now because this is how development is achieved.”

He said Sudan has not been spared by the global economic crisis which negatively affects the economy of the region which entirely depends on oil revenues.

As part of measures to enhance the state economic development, government is seriously diversifying the economy which has been dependant on oil since CPA, he said.

He continued to brief the group that he is still working on implementing development plans he initiated and those left by previous administrations under erstwhile Southern Sudan high executive coordinating council and that he needs support from those working with him to succeed.

Speaking at the same meeting, State minister of information and communications, Effesio Kon Uguak, urged Western Bahr el Ghazal citizens in the Diaspora to desist from engaging themselves in unlawful acts which can tarnish the image of the country particularly their home of origins.

There are people who were accorded resettlement chances with hope to go and pursue proper education and other technicalities but most of these people have abandoned these and begin to indulge in immoral behaviors, he said.

Majorities are reportedly involved in drug abuse, became sniggers of their acts, niggers and so and so forth, he adds.

This betrays the very simple reason which is “education” the SPLM sought such chances. Our interest was to see that these people go and come back with valuable knowledge not to be hearing imprisonment of individuals outside the country daily.

He said Sudanese must abide by the laws of the host country to avoid unnecessary problems for themselves.

However, he also urged the government national unity to help quicken the process of issuing passports to nationals living in Diaspora.

He said, through GOSS mission offices in foreign countries, has been receiving a lot of complaints from Southern Sudanese abroad about the slow pace at which passport applications are being processed in all embassies.

This must be brought to the presidency attention so that alternatives with immediate solutions are designed to allow return of Southern Diasporas willing to return and participate in the upcoming referendum voting, he commented.