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France welcomes Doha peace framework, urges Al-Nur to join talks

February 24, 2010 (PARIS) — France welcomed the signing of a framework agreement between Sudanese government and the rebel Justice and Equality Movement urging SLM leader Abdel Wahid Al-Nur to join the peace process.

The agreement signed yesterday establishes a ceasefire in the restive region between the Sudanese army and JEM rebels; it also provides the release of JEM members detained in Sudanese prisons. They parties have also in accordance to the deal engaged direct talks to finalize the details of the agreement particularly in the areas of power and wealth sharing.

“France welcomes the signing yesterday in Doha of a framework agreement between the Sudanese government and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), which is an important step towards” a final and inclusive peace agreement, said Bernard Valero, the foreign ministry spokesperson on Wednesday.

Valero also reiterated the support of the French government to the Qatari government and the Joint Chief Mediator. He further praised their efforts with Chadian government to reach this deal.

He also urged the Paris based rebel leader Abdel Wahid Al-Nur to abandon his intransigence and join the negotiating table in Doha for the interest of Darfur people.

“We renew our call on all the rebel leaders, particularly Mr. Nur, to join as quickly as possible these crucial negotiations for peace in Darfur. Maintaining his intransigence and its inflexibility are incomprehensible and contrary to the interests of the people of Darfur. This is the message we are passing him steadily” Valero emphasized.

Al-Nur yesterday said described the deal as “ceremonial” and reiterated his rejection to peace process unless Khartoum provides security to Darfur civilians and disarms its militias.