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Ethiopian herdsmen kill Kenyan police officer

February 28, 2010 (ADDIS ABABA) — Ethiopian cattle herders killed a Kenyan police officer in attack carried out after they had been prevented from reaching the waters of Lake Turkana near the border between the two countries.

The officer from the paramilitary General Service Unit (GSU) was killed late on Friday after 500 militiamen, from the Ethiopian Merille tribe, attacked the unit’s camp in Todonyang, a village abandoned since 1997 when the two ethnic groups fought.

Six GSU officers who were said to have gone missing after the attack are now safe, said the Turkana Regional Commissioner Christopher Musambu.

“We did not lose any other personnel apart from the senior GSU officer. Casualties on the militia side remain unknown,” he added.

A Kenyan police officer has been killed by members of an Ethiopian tribal militia after a clash along the two countries’ common border, Kenyan media said on Saturday.

On January 24, Merille herdsmen killed three people including an administration policeman and a police reservist in an attack took place at Todonyang village near River Omo, a tributary of Lake Turkana. The assailants killed a woman alongside two security men and abducted three fishermen during the attack.

A security meeting between officials from the two countries would be held on Monday to discuss how to secure the volatile region that has witnessed cross border attacks in the recent past.

The incident follows the killing of two army men and injury of six others early last month by Toposa militia at Nadapal region on the Kenya-Southern Sudan border.

Kenya’s long borders with Sudan, Ethiopia and politically unstable Somalia care a constant source of security concerns.