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SPLM-USA congratulates President Kiir for his historic victory

Public Release

April 26, 2010 — It is with joy and jubilation that the SPLM USA Secretariat, on behalf of SPLM Chapters in the United States, is congratulating you for the well deserved election victory. Your victory means you will continue leading us in your capacity as the Vice President of Sudan and President of South Sudan. Your landslide victory does not come as a surprise. Firstly, you were competing against an opponent, (Dr. Lam Akol of SPLM-DC), who is at best has no credibility among the oppressed and marginalized people of Sudan, and at worst, someone who is considered a traitor by the majority of the voters.
Secondly, your records for the struggle against oppression and marginalization speak for themselves. At a young age as a teenager, you answered the call to fight for freedom by joining the Anya-Anya I movement. When SPLM was founded in 1983, you did not just join the movement, but you were its architect and founding member. You continued on to serve the SPLM with utmost distinction during its struggle of two-decade.

When tragedy struck SPLM due to untimely passing away of the movement leader, Dr. John Garang, you were there to provide leadership and direction—that was when many thought the movement has already been relegated into history. Through your leadership, you spearheaded the South-South dialogue, and with much success, you were able to sign agreements such as the Juba Declaration with Gen. Paulino Matip and with leaders of Armed Groups like Ismail Konyi, who all now join fold with the SPLM. Despite foot-dragging in implementation of CPA by NCP, your leadership during the interim period helps bring peace, stability, development and prosperity in South Sudan.
Much credit should be given to SPLM Political Bureau for having entrusted you with the leadership of the movement upon the passing of Dr. John Garang and for Political Bureau continued support for your leadership. We too, the members of SPLM Secretariat in the USA are a hundred percent behind your leadership.

As a way forward, we are expecting you to form a government with competent individuals and free of corruption, tribalism, and nepotism. The people of South Sudan are counting on your stewardship to lead them for their aspiration of self determination, and we have much trust in you to achieve this goal. For the next critical journey of our struggle, we like you to invest in
capacity building by tapping in to the skills and resources of the Diaspora. We want to see a Diaspora Commission created within the government of South Sudan to accomplish this task.

The other marginalized people in Darfur, Nuba Mountain, Blue Nile, East, and far North are looking up for leadership to deliver them from oppression. In Darfur, you must continue with effort of pacification by getting the Darfuri warring groups to agree to negotiate a peaceful settlement under one umbrella. The consultation exercise in Nuba Mountain and Blue Nile must be ensured to take place in a timely and fair fashion as stipulated in CPA. The government of South Sudan and SPLM in particular must continue to support the people of East and far North in whatever way possible.

With the announcement of elections results, we expect all the competing candidates to accept the outcomes. More importantly, we want you, the chairman of the movement to keep up to your promise of accepting back the SPLM Independent Candidates, and likewise, we want those candidates to rejoin the movement as they promised during their campaigns. We cannot afford divisions among the party members in this critical time of our history.
In conclusion, we trust your leadership and looking forward in supporting your efforts as the struggle continue. Congratulations once again for your victory, which is also our victory and the victory of the marginalized people of Sudan.


1. Cde. Mangok Mangok Mayen, Chairman
2. Cde. Ladu Jada Gubek, Vice Chairman
3. Cde. Domach Wal Ruach, Secretary General
4. Cde. Joseph Majok, Secretary for Finance
5. Cde. Thabor Deng Ding, Deputy Secretary for Finance
6. Cde. Steve Paterno, Secretary for Culture, Information and Communication
7. Cde. Peter Majok, Deputy Secretary for Culture, Information and Communication
8. Cde. Martin Buba, Secretary on External Relations
9. Cde. Cecelia Adeng, Deputy Secretary on External Relations
10. Cde. Elizabeth Benjamin Ajongo, Secretary for Popular and Syndicated Organizations
11. Cde. Nyibol Akok, Deputy Secretary for Popular and Syndicated Organizations
12. Cde. Rose Oduho, Secretary for Administration and Organization
13. Cde. Gatluak Puoch, Deputy Secretary for Administration and Organization
14. Cde. Eltayeb Elamin, Secretary for Social Welfare and Services
15. Cde. Veronica Ajak, Deputy Secretary for Social Welfare and Services
16. Cde. Othow Awang, Secretary for Political Affairs and Mobilization
17. Cde. Santino Mayek Deng, Deputy Secretary for Political Affairs and Mobilization
18. Cde. Isaac Gang, Secretary for Training, Research and planning
19. Cde. Joseph Makuer, Deputy Secretary for Training, Research and Planning
20. Cde. David Bum Choat, Advisor to Secretariat
21. Cde. Chuor Chuor, Advisor
22. Cde. Elizabeth Kuch, Advisor
23. Cde. Daniel Deng Mayen, Advisor
24. Cde. Hakim Ladu, Advisor
25. Cde. Gau Garang , Advisor
26. Cde. Koang Toang, Advisor
27. Cde. Dhalbany Malual, Advisor
28. Cde. Abraham Bul Aguer, Advisor