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Former Lakes caretaker voice concern for Rumbek street kids

By Manyang Mayom

June 2, 2010 (RUMBEK) – Telar Ring Deng, the former governor of Lakes State, has finally left the office to a democratically elected governor, Engineer Chol Tong Mayay.

Speaking during his farewell ceremony held at the Safari Style Hotel prior to his departure to Juba on Wednesday, Deng affirmed that leadership is for the people and unity strengthens good governance. He urged the elected-governor to encourage teamwork among the state’s citizens to keep Rumbek’s market clean.

“I have left behind only insecurity , it’s a threat to Lakes state government, the investigation of Akot incident between the SPLA army and civilians is incomplete – also I have completed investigation in Cueibet’s incident “said Telar.


Deng, has today said that the dilemma of street kids in Rumbek is a major concern. During his farewell ceremony, he said that he is concerned about street kids in Rumbek and before leaving the office, he has asked the mayor to have them registered so that they raise funds to open a vocational training centre for them.

Deng explained that the presence of street kids is a potential danger to Rumbek, adding that he will personally pursue a USAID-funded project to help them. Deng also said that he was unable to accomplish all his plans in terms of securing Lakes state, adding that he was hoping to hold a conference with the governors of neighboring states to discuss solutions for tackling conflicts.

Telar was appointed by the Government of Southern Sudan on February and he was relived on May 28, 2010 , making his term in office very short.

Deng expresses appreciation to all his colleagues during his three months tenure, he also offered his gratefulness to the citizens of Lakes State for what he described as “unwavering support, adding that they were always encouraging.

Moreover, Deng affirmed that he will remember Rumbek for being personally involved in the manual work of cleaning up the town before leaving the office as Lakes State governor.

Furthermore, during Deng’s time in the office as caretaker- governor of Lakes state, the public was worried about him remaining in his position after SPLM’s victory in the elections. During his farewell speech, he said “I and President Salva Kiir was incited through ramous of those who were hunting for jobs, – I am just a simple man, how can I quarrel with big man like Salva Kiir? He is FVP and C-in-C of SPLA and President of GOSS, I must respect him and to abide with party constitutions – now after I and president Kiir realized that we were incited, we just reconcile and now we are going on well and this nation will support us in all option of Southern Sudan requirements.

He called for the diaspora to return by saying ” I will save as ambassador and I will tell our brothers and sisters of Lakes state who are outside this state to come back home to help in building this beautiful nations.

During his tenure, Deng issued three provisional orders of which one was banning of alcoholic drinks during working hours. He also exempted food from taxes and closed down a local court.

During Telar Ring Deng farewell at Safari style hotel in Rumbek, elected governor Chol Tong Mayay was present along with the SPLM state secretary Cde, Samuel Mathiang Keer, Lakes state Assembly speaker John Marik Makur, advisors, ministers and all eight counties commissioners of Lakes state.