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Lakes state Legislative Assembly passes budget for 2011

By Manyang Mayom

March 31, 2011 (RUMBEK) – The Lakes state Legislative Assembly passed the state’s budget for the 2011 financial year budget totaling 151 million Sudanese pounds (SDG) on Thursday.

At the beginning of March, the State Minister of Finance, Trade and Industry Pur Chiagan Dakbai presented to the Lakes State parliamentarians a budget worth SGD 151,842,734 ($55,611,500).

Speaking to press after passing the budget in August House the chairman for the financial and public account committee Madhieu Makuac Adhil affirmed that the budget had been passed without condition during debate.

The budget included state income projecting collection of local revenue and financial support from the government of South Sudan and the Lakes State expenditure.

Other components of the budget were salaries, operation costs and capital expenditures incurred by the executive, legislative organs of the government and the eight counties of Lakes State.

In 2011, Lakes state will attempt to use its spending to meet the promises made by MP’s and the governor during in last year’s election campaign.

Makuac, said that government of Lakes state have prioritized security and development to be the most important areas for funding in 2011.

Lakes state minister of Finance, Trade and Industry Pur Chiagan Dakbai said that “the budget for security still remains the highest, followed by education which will have teachers’ salaries paid in full and 300 more teachers to be recruited in 2011 budget”.

Citizens told Sudan Tribune that they appreciated the Lakes state parliament for having passed the budget without any conditions placed upon the state government.

However, young people from Lakes state declined to comment on the budget. Some instead criticized the state government for having let down young men in the state. Rumbek’s High Court has been sentencing young men to 14 – 15 years imprisonment for impregnating girls under 17.

One young man Moses Maker said that the law was “controversial” and that “although the budget is passed it has nothing to serve us since our lawmakers themselves [are] throwing us away [into prison]”.