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Eritrea’s 20th Independence Anniversary

By Ibrahim A. Ibrahim

May 16, 2011 — In 1991 around this time the people of Eritrea were taking the fight to its ending point to achieve the long awaited but determined independence of the country.

Twenty years anniversary is as fresh as is it was 20 years ago, feelings and the vibrant activities of the people of this new African country. The celebration is enjoyed in each and every part of the Eritrea. This year though with more participation of people to people with many more friends of Eritrea and friends of peace have arrived or are coming to participate to this historic day.

Eritrea in its life time of independence have achieved a surmount challenges with tangible outcome. In the domains of public health, education, agriculture and social welfare the registered outcomes are humongous by all account. That initiates questions on if Eritrea was left alone without interruption, what would have been the measure of success to its current outcome.

The achieved and tangible success is due to zeal self-reliance that Eritrea and Eritreans bestowed. Eritrea has been interrupted by the border war with Ethiopia, and its surging economic growth halted as its sources directed to stop the aggression. However, the turning point came with well planned directives to initiate and pursue a progressive plan on building the needed infrastructures. The time of no peace and no war have been fully utilized to achieve and benefit the above stated goal. Unfortunately, the progress that is going on the ground did make the self perpetrate enemies of the progress of Eritrea uncomfortable and they kept on creating obstacles. Among others the so called “Djibouti border issue” and “financing and arming the Somali resistances.” Under the guise of these and with full-fledged American bless the United Nations imposed “illegal sanctions.”

The citizens of Eritrea responded with unison against the illegal sanction and vowed to work even harder to achieve their intended goal; that is to create a nation who takes pride of itself by self help.

Eritrea is now celebrating its 20th independence more experienced and more matured in all domains to excel and expedite the progress achieved. Especially on self sufficiency in food, which is strategic to Eritrea the country is investing more than ever. In health sector, and education the government is exceeding the expectations of many observers.

This is in contradiction and may be surprise to those who believed Eritrean economy can not sustain few months as the “no war no peace” imposed on it. Some did not shy to call Eritrea “ …failing state.”

Instead Eritrea has failed the strategy of no war no peace imposed against her. Now that strategy has failed fatally, on this occasion it is imperative that the ill advised intentions be reversed from the enemies. It will be to the benefit of all to accept the reality and start a new page and live Eritrea alone to go the path of success and progress which may can be used as a new era to the continent.

* The author is the Former Bank of Eritrea Administrator currently resides in United States of America. He can be reached at [email protected]