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Lakes state governor promise zero tolerance in state ahead of Independence Day celebrations

June 30, 2011 (JUBA) – The Governor of Lakes State, Chol Tong Mayay, has said he will enforce a zero tolerance policy to crime in the state both in cattle camps and to road side robberies and confirmed that the Government of South Sudan (GOSS) will deploy armed forces and other organised forces all over the state in a press conference in Juba on Wednesday.

Lakes state minister, Chol Tong Mayay (ST)
Lakes state minister, Chol Tong Mayay (ST)
Tong said that he was in Juba for an official visit where he met President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, to discuss issues related to insecurity in Lakes state. He explained that he had requested that the president send troops to Lakes state to deal with security issues. Tong said the deployment will be realised in the next one or two days.

While in Juba, Tong also met with the GoSS Minister of Finance and the Minister of Information and discussed issues related to the celebration of independence.

“My visit to Juba was an official visit to go and meet the president, his excellency, Salva Kiir Mayardit, we met and the issues we discussed are issues related to security in Lakes state internal and external with Unity state – I requested the deployment of the army – there are national security forces coming to Lakes state to reinforce the army. I have also met the minister of finance and minister of information to discuss our celebration”, said Tong.

Tong urged the citizens of Lakes state to maintain calm and peaceful ahead of the independence day celebrations on 9 July.

The South Sudanese voted overwhelmingly in favour of secession in a plebiscite held in January 2011, as stipulated by the peace agreement signed with North Sudan, signed in 2005, ending more than two decades of civil war.

“My message to the people here is that please let us be calm and peaceful during the celebration – as we are only left with nine days, taking the life of your brother or your sister to denie him or her to see that long awaited day is unlawful and sinful – the whole international community is showing us – as a government we will not allow disturbances to take place from now onward”, said Tong.

The Lakes state, minister of local government and law enforcement agents, Mabor Mayen Wol, speaking on behalf of the State Spokesperson, told the local media outside the Governor’s office that there are changes coming with the celebration of independence, focusing on the new currency for South Sudan.

Wol said that the new currency will have an impact on the citizens, with an immediate rise in prices of goods in the market, adding that the flow of goods from North Sudan will also be affected and new terms of trade which will have to be established between the two nations.

He encouraged Lakes State citizens to face the upcoming difficulties with a sense of pride since these challenges are part and parcel of the struggle towards real independence and self reliance.