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High prices on basic commodities hit Rumbek

July 27, 2011 (YIROL) – Citizens in Lakes state citizens are complaining against the increase in price of basic commodities prices as traders are attribute the increase in prices to the foreign currency factor, particularly the united state dollars.

Lakes state local consumer and a trader react to the increase of prices trading allegation that dollars exchange is high and citizen said that traders are not supply market with food stuff.

According to local resident Abraham Mapuor Mathiang confirmed the prices of basic goods, giving the example of maize floor that has increased by up to 50 percent in the past couple of weeks. He also added that insufficiency of food items in the local market, wondering whether the traders are hiding these goods or if the goods have become so expensive that the suppliers cannot afford keeping adequate stock. He also said that the health sector is affected, explaining that the cost of medicine has skyrocketed and life is becoming unaffordable for many people.

Mathiang noted that “prices are gone very high in fact, you go to market, the prices for flour it was formerly was 30 pounds but this days women are coming back complaining with 40 pounds, 45 pounds increase, evening getting it become difficult. They are no available. I don’t know whether traders are not supplying, In addition to that if you go to some clinic in the town, treatment of patient has gone high.. People are going minus food”.

According to Lakes state local businessman Samuel Soro, a trader in Rumbek town, said that the Sudanese Pound has lost value against the main foreign currency used for importing the goods, namely the US Dollars, attributing the increase in prices to this change in currency exchange. He mentioned that the increase in prices in the local markets to the high price from the countries of origin, pointing out that the East African currencies have also lost value against the US Dollar.

Soro blame Lakes state taxation department for imposed high taxes on traders. He express confidence that South Sudan government can help bring down the prices by lowering taxes and eliminating check points and availing foreign currencies like US dollars to be available in the market.

Soro affirmed that “according to me, what make prices high, one is problem of dollars, the exchange of dollars have rise up to 360 to 370. The other is what? In Uganda 100 US dollars is up to 260 Khs. Also in Uganda, prices have rise up. The problems of taxation have risen up”.

Both Sudanese Pounds and South Sudanese Pounds are in circulation, exchanging at the rate of one to one for the time being. Meanwhile, the Republic of Sudan just launched its new currency and accuses South Sudan of not informing Khartoum about the launch of South Sudanese Pounds.