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South Sudan’s Lakes state is free from insecurity – police official

August 7, 2011 (JUBA) – Authorities in Lakes state have expressed confidence that there continue to be no insecurity in Lakes state after the Republic of South Sudan was declared independent on July 9.

According to Lakes state’s police inspector Lt-Colonel Moses Mayek Dongbil the state is experiencing a period of peace and tranquility. He said he hoped this would encourage foreign investors.

Dongbil said that Lakes state, which is often the scene of violent crimes and reprisal attacks for had become peaceful since South Sudan seceded from North Sudan

He noted that only cases of adultery and cattle theft were being reported.

Dongbil said: “Lakes state [has] become [a] beautiful place, you can just move from morning to other morning – the security are working day and night”.

The Lakes state police inspector called on foreigners to feel free to invest in Lakes State. He assured foreigners that their lives and property will be protected by state security.

He also said that the new nation of South Sudan is being guided by the rule of law and that it requires those who can help bring about development. The Police Inspector said he is happy with the communities of Lakes State, describing the people as social and hospitable.

During the first half of this year, Lakes State witnessed terrible inter-communal violence conflicts resulting in the loss of many lives including women and children.