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Sudanese rights group says “Khartoum violates Sudan constitution and national peace”


Press Release

Khartoum violates Sudan constitution and national peace

September 3rd, 2011 — In gross violation of the Transitional Constitution and the Framework Agreement between the Government and the SPLM-North on political partnership and security arrangements in Blue Nile and South Kordofan (Addis Ababa: June 2011), the Sudanese government launched a military coup in the Blue Nile State that removed by force Malik Agar, the elected governor of the State, and his government from their positions, killed 17 citizens, wounded many others, and forced tens of thousands of people to live in appalling conditions outside Damazin. Earlier in May 2011, the government was largely accused of rigging up the gubernatorial elections in South Kordofan that forced withdrawal in protest by the SPLM-North candidate AbdelAziz Al-Hilu and instated candidate Ahmed Haroun in his place.

The Khartoum military aggression on the Blue Nile State indicates the government’s determination to rule by emergency law and the expansion of civil war. All issues related to the Framework Agreement and/or the popular consultations already approved by the Comprehensive Pease Agreement (2005) have been virtually stopped. The military leaders of Khartoum have already enforced anti-constitutional actions against the civilian population in Darfur obstructing relief aid and ending humanitarian support to the war victims.

• The Sudan Human Rights Organization Cairo is deeply concerned with the traumatic consequences of emergency law in the country, in general, and the beleaguered states of South Kordofan and the Blue Nile, in particular. The government’s performance that curtails public rights and freedoms, especially the freedom of expression and the press, under increased financial and political difficulties must be ended by serious negotiations with the democratic opposition to end the expansion of civil war and the developed unconstitutional rule by emergency law.

• We condemn in the strongest terms possible the continuous aggression by the Government of Sudan against the South Kordofan and the Blue Nile elected leaderships and civilian populations. To end the all-war emerging hostilities, the Government of Sudan must end the September 2nd military coup in the Blue Nile State and the unconstitutional state of emergency law. The Blue Nile elected governor and government must immediately resume their positions in Damazin by the rule of law.

• SHRO-Cairo urges the warring parties to implement the Framework Agreement, activate political partnership between the NCP and SPLM-North, empower the committees designated to address peace agenda, and integrate the SPLA soldiers from the two northern Sudan regions into national forces by peaceful regular procedure.