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Lakes state parliament remove three commissioners in power

January 26, 2012 (JUBA) – The Lakes state legislative Assembly had
designated on Monday to withdraw confidents on three respective
counties commissioner comprised of Rumbek East, Rumbek North and
Rumbek Central counties over what parliament termed as failures of
commissioners to protect citizens over internal insecurity in their
respective headquarters.

Three commissioners, Matur Majok Magol for Rumbek Central County,
David Marial Gumke for Rumbek East County and Isaac Mayek Noah of
Rumbek North County were impeached by state parliament in reference to
their security report to state parliament in December 2011. The
parliament specialize committee observes commissioners reports are
term as basesless report and missing report that omitted fact on

The Chairman of Ad Hoc committee Isaiah Alier Machinkok who was former
speaker in former parliament in 2005 was task to agape that report
affirmed that report is baseless reports and noted that those
commissioners of these three counties are now observing their
obligation to protect citizens from internal insecurity caused by
cattle raiders, and robbery along the roads.

However, Lakes state parliament lawmakers had came under heavy
criticism from youth across it eight counties over the decision to
remove three commissioners. The youth union in Lakes state said that
“our parliament is voiceless parliament on national issues – there is
no point both in state constitution or whatever to impeach
commissioners at state level or entire South Sudan government
structure and leaving the minister concern into power – the minister
of Local government and Law reinforcement Agency deserved impeachment
and not commissioner who report to local government”.

Maker Ajoung, members in Lakes state youth body describe Lakes state
parliament as classroom and accommodation space for those hunting for
wealth in the state. “This is not a actually lawmakers representative
we expected during election to vote for – this parliament is just a
classroom or accommodation space for those hunger politicians
disturbing public during election to be elected to get wealth on
people ticket – there are not lawmakers”. The commissioner of Rumbek
East County Marial Gumke in fact does a lot more then governor in term
of development on upgrading roads plus improving security situation
within his county. Those lawmakers never came out to campaign for
civil peace disarmament in 2011 but the decide uselessly after eating
launch and assumed that they took right decision to remove
commissioners without proper basis.

How can you called this parliament since MP use to speaker while their
hand in pocket? He ask?

However, Lakes state parliament speaker John Marik Makur, said that
parliament have right to summon everyone to answer any requirement by
lawmakers but his decline to provide article that allow anybody to be
summon by parliament.

Lakes state governor Chol Tong Mayay and Sudan People Liberation
Movement state secretary Malou Moses Majok said that they were being
surprised by state parliament decision to remove commissioners without
clear status.

The committee said that those commissioners are recommended to be
removed out based on their poor performances. 37 members voted for the
removable of three commissioners’ as well only four members sustain
commissioner claiming that these commissioners deserved six month
extra to strengthen their powers.

Alier pointed out that “the counties did not have prisons for
detaining culprits when three commissioners had claimed arresting
suspected culprits of cattle raids in their report of December in

In last year December 2011, Lakes state parliament had summoned five
counties commissioner to answer allegation of security breakdown in
their respective county. In parliament deliberation, Yirol West and
Cueibet Counties commissioner sustained their position and immediately
three Commissioners removed are of that of Rumbek East, Rumbek Central
and Rumbek North Counties.