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Fire in Warrap State Capital Kuacjok consumes goods

By Ngor Arol Garang

March 27, 2012 (JUBA) – A devastating fire broke out in Kuajok the capital of Warrap State causing fear among residents and business groups, authorities told Sudan Tribune on Tuesday.

South Sudan's Warrap State (WikiCommons)
South Sudan’s Warrap State (WikiCommons)
Multiple eyewitnesses attributed the cause to an electric fault from a generator in a shop in the centre of Kuajok market, which spread to other shops.

The exact cost of the goods lost in the blaze isn’t known, although a victim estimated the cost at 120,000 South Sudanese pounds (around $45,000).

Joseph Akol Wek, an eyewitness told Sudan Tribune that the incident created fear and panic before the fire brigade arrived and out the fire.

Wek said that the shop from which the fire started was completely burned down and had spread to other shops before it was put out.

The quick intervention of Warrap’s fire brigade had saved lives and stopped more properties being damaged, said Wek who worked for the state parliament.

Deng Kuol, another witness said that he did not know the actual cause of the fire but speculated that it could be connected to the hot weather effecting electric cables.

The frequency of serious fires in South Sudan is a public concern.

Early in March there was a fire in Konyo-Konyo Market in Juba, one of the country’s largest markets. An electrical fault was also blamed in that incident.

The national headquarters of South Sudan’s ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM), was equally consumed by the fire after a similar incident occurred at the presidential palace, burning down office of the country’s president.