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SPLM Press release on the occasion of the 1st Anniversary of the Independence of South Sudan

The SPLM General secretariat congratulates the President of the Republic, Cde Salva Kiir Mayardit, and the people of South Sudan on the first anniversary of the birth of our beloved nation, South Sudan. President Mayardit is the first ever president of the republic to raise the flag of the independent South Sudan on 9th July 2011, and also the first president of the republic of South Sudan to celebrate the first anniversary of the new nation. Congratulations to Cde Salva Mayardit; your party, the SPLM, is proud of you.

The 9th July of this year is a day of great reflections in the lives of the people of South Sudan. It is a day of remembering our love ones who were taken into slavery, those who perished in the process and those who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Yes, we are happy to be free at last, but also to recall the hard times when our heroes and heroines bled in the battle field; long hours of going thirsty and hungry. It is an occasion to say farewell to miseries: miseries of women carrying ammunitions on their heads; miseries of death through exhaustion and diseases.

Today, we are also united with our iconic leaders who died to free us. Dr John Garang, Fr. Saturlino, William Deng Nhial, indeed, all those charismatic leaders are with us today in this celebration in spirit.

Freedom is here to stay forever! People of South Sudan were united in struggle for freedom and they will remain united to build a free, democratic and prosperous united South Sudan.

This first anniversary is also an event to reflect on the achievements of the SPLM in delivering on promises. The SPLM led government set up institutions of governance for the first time in South Sudan. Today this hour, there are government administrative structures fully functional from Boma, Payam, county, state to national levels. This was not there before.

South Sudanese fought to govern themselves. The three pillars of governance: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary are all operational effectively. We are independent!

It is an anniversary of the birth of both democracy and freedom in which the women have a share of 25% to participate in the state institutions. We are proud to be ahead of all the nations in this affirmative action policy for women.

It is a time South Sudan can proudly brag about the network of roads that are connecting the national capital to East Africa and to the capitals of the states. South Sudan is proud for the increase in number of children going to school; increase in the number of children vaccinated against folio and other diseases; more access to safe drinking water sources to the population in rural areas. It is an achievement that towns are moving to villages at this stage under still very difficult economic conditions.

It is our proudest hour in history when we can see the gallant SPLA soldier still ready to defend the land they have liberated and also to liberate the land that is still under occupation.

Together with our friends and people of good will, the SPLM invites and welcomes the international community to celebrate this glorious historic day with us. The SPLM sends thanks and an appreciation to the humanitarian organizations and the church that have been our ambassadors when we did not have a country yet.

As we celebrate our independence now, the Sudan government is still occupying areas belonging to the republic of South Sudan. The Sudan government has made many military attacks on the people of South Sudan by air and on the ground. The SPLM calls on the international community to put pressure on the republic of Sudan to withdraw its forces from South Sudan territory, and to implement the CPA protocols on: self determination for people of Abyei and popular consultation for the people of Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile. Moreover, the UN and AU should also put pressure on Sudan government to make peace in Darfur so that there is peace and stability in the region.

These days the SPLM has started restructuring so that the focus will be on building the state and nation of South Sudan. In this endeavour, the priority will be on reconciliation of sons and daughters of South Sudan. It will be a time for repentance and forgiveness. The youth will be called to the challenge of hard work with concentration on agriculture and technical skills to participate in the physical building of this nation and wealth creation.

South Sudan is a gift from God and confirmed by the blood of our martyrs. The SPLM led government will take care of it and will be handed over from generation to generation until the end of the world.

South Sudan Oyeee

SPLM Oyeee

Salva Kiir Mayardit Oyeee

Cde. Bol Makueng,
SPLM Secretary for Information, Culture and Communication

8th July 2012