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Darfuris are victims of Bashir’s regime in Sudan

By Mahmoud A. Suleiman

October 5, 2012 — It has become clear that the people of the Darfur Region have been subject to collective punishment under the reign of the Arabism-Islamism entity of the racist supremacist National Congress Party (NCP). News media documented reports indicated that the (NCP) regime, led by the tyrant and war criminal fugitive from international justice Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir, has been campaigning fiercely and unabatedly against the students from the Darfur Region, regardless of gender, who are studying in the ‘National’ universities, colleges and higher education institutions, in an unprecedented way and the first of its kind in the modern history of Sudan. Those students are subjected to exclusion by the ‘academic’ staff loyalist to the regime; female students were expelled from the student hostels into the street without consideration of what might happen to them; male students have been subjected to prosecution by the security apparatus, detention without trial, detention incommunicado’ and exposed to all kinds of humiliation, torture and physical liquidation and massacres. Without doubt this indicates the chronic and systematic hatred for the people of Darfur that dwells in the conscience of the clique belonging to the so-called Islamic Movement whose dirty inhumanity undoubtedly exceeded all the limits of villainy. And the result was their forced eviction into the street to become homeless.

Furthermore, the citizens from Darfur in Khartoum and other large cities in Sudan are at risk permanently and continuously of abused and detention without legal basis. What really hurts more is that and according to one credible newspaper (al-Sahafa) that the police evicted the 65 female students resident in a Khartoum neighbourhood (al-Fitehab) according to a Court Order for non-payment of the rent of the building. Ironically, the rent was supposedly to be met by the Darfur Transitional Authority (DTA), which should have ensured financial cost and the students’ living expenditures, and hence the students had to be in the street until late in the day. The so-called DTA is the offspring of the Doha farce, which falsely named the Darfur Peace Agreement/Doha Agreement signed by the NCP regime and a lone rebel splinter faction created by the US Special Envoy to Sudan, retired US Air Force Major General Jonathan Scott Gration. The faction was lured by lucrative government positions and the Billions of Qatari promised Dollars which turned out to be mirage. For this reason the DTA failed to fulfill pay the housing rent for the female university students who are originally from Darfur.

The Sudanese writer and journalist Khalid Abu Ahmad wrote saying that: “It is beyond the reasons that led to the expulsion of our daughters and sisters from boarding hostels that night; one of us wonders where have gone the chivalry and gallantry for which the Sudanese people sung boastfully on the media and TV shows every day and the incumbent President of Sudan keeps dancing and swaying making the people viewers thrilled by the tones of the singing and music?”

Political observers indicate that the NCP regime which has adopted racial discrimination against fellow citizens and claiming its ethnic superiority and calling for an Arab – Islamic state and religious bigotry and apartheid approach in governance is no stranger to treat Darfur female students with Barbaric-style cruelty. Apparently, some of those NCP sellouts lack the Sudanese magnanimity because they did not grow up in normal Sudanese family home. And as a result of the deplorable behaviours of elements of the ruling regime NCP against the citizens of Darfur the honour and dignity the Sudanese have been denigrated and become as a cadaver of a dog Dead, which alienates and calls for disgust those who pass by crossing the road! Unfortunately, our homeland Sudan has become pariah because of such disgraceful behaviours of the regime led by the despot Omar al-Bashir to all the peoples of the civilized world and shame haunted the Sudanese citizens wherever they are in the Globe. A Sudanese individual was seen by the world in the past, before the doomed coming of National Islamic Front (NIF) that brought Omer al-Bashir in power, as a trustworthy, as a reliable, hardworking knowledgeable, honest distinctly appreciated person who was respected by everyone.

Furthermore, the News media are quoted as saying that the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) in the City of Duwaim in the White Nile region arrested and tortured and humiliated 29 students from Darfur at the University of Bakht-al-Ruda; and all became among the wounded. Furthermore, it was reported that reprehensible insults were directed against the students by one of the university professors who threatened them of expulsion from the study at the university because they are persona non grata.

One feels angered and infuriated about the systematic targeting of Darfuris, especially the students, by the NCP regime resulting into loss of lives of scores of students lately. The students assassinated by the NISS include martyr Mohamed Mousa, a student at the University of Khartoum, the martyr Abdullah Mohammadain at Zalingei University, martyr Jamal Adam Mustafa at El Fasher University, martyr Halima Musa (a female student) at the University of Dalenj and martyr Adam Boash Mousa of the Central Darfur students Association. This is in addition to the student Mohammed Idriss Mohamed Giddo, the Chairman of Darfur Students Association at the University of Khartoum who was arrested on Sunday of the 1st of January of this year, by the Security apparatus, and is incarcerated in the infamous notorious Ghost Houses and no one knows his place.

Although one does not condone repression against anyone protesting peacefully against arbitrary decisions being imposed on the Sudanese people, but one believes that the government of al-Bashir’s NISS deliberately and selectively targets the Darfuris to inflict cruelty more than any other activists, based on hatred and vindictiveness. The reason for this vindictiveness is that the NCP regime sees the revolution in Darfur and its issue for which the rebels took up to arms in 2003 as responsible for the indictment of the cliques in the regime, including their president Omer Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir. Another important goal the regime aims at is to freeze activity of the students from Darfur studying in the Sudanese universities so that no one dares talking about what’s going on in Darfur about the tragedies that regime tries to hide through lies and misinformation issued by its seduced stooges and sellout traitors. In order to combat the forgoing spirit of revenge which prevails in the NCP elements, the Darfur Rebel Groups (JEM, SLA-MM, and SLA-AW) need to protect the peaceful protests which aim to overthrow the regime and change it by a Democratic National government of the New Sudan which will accommodate all the people of the country without discrimination and Citizenship shall be the only criterion for the Identity for all, irrespective of other considerations such as race, ethnic background, gender, colour, language, subculture or regional affiliation.

Political observers say – and this is also a conviction of the marginalised people in general and the Darfuris in particular – that the members of the NC P regime and its leaders have not learned the lessons from the recent history where the people of South Africa suffered torment, torture and assassinations by the organs of the apartheid regime. The people did not surrender give up their basic issue but continued their struggle and the result was the achieving of their goal and they regained full liberty and Nelson Mandela from left prison to become President. Similarly, the day will come when we see that the regime of the NCP collapsing as we have witnessed- by the Grace of Almighty God – historical moments of the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s Baath regime and Hosni Mubarak’s totalitarian rule and that of Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Tunisia, Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen and The Great Socialist People’s Arab Libyan Jamahiriya of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and others are in the way of falling without the regret by any one for them emanating from the people in the countries those tyrants have ruled.

Dr. Mahmoud A. Suleiman is the Deputy Chairman of the General Congress for Justice and Equality Movement (JEM). He can be reached at [email protected]