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Political disquiet in Lakes state government

November 9, 2012 – Lakes State Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party state chairperson Daniel Awet Akot ended his one day trip to Cueibet County of Lakes State on Sunday. The visit was arranged as part of the inauguration of the state SPLM secretary, Mabor Ater Dhuol.

Speaking in Cueibet County, Awet told SPLM supporters the key agenda of his visit is to brief SPLM members about the cooperation agreement which was signed by Juba and Khartoum in September.

He also wished to convey the party’s gratitude to those who voted for the SPLM in the 2010 election.

The Lakes State assistant secretary for planning and research Charlies Badiri Mayen, who also served in Lakes state executive cabinet as information minister, expressed concern over the state chairperson’s dismissal of members within SPLM Lakes state secretariat.

“Lakes state SPLM chairman is good at abusing the constitution,” said Badiri.

He stated that “in one of the meetings with the county chairpersons, secretaries and state assistant secretaries, Awet said that if he is to dismiss Mabor Ater Dhuol. He will dismiss him with other people,” an act which “the constitution does not give him the power.”

The state’s assistant secretaries must be removed by the county liberation council using article 33 (7) of the SPLM constitution 2008 according to Badiri.

He described Dhuol’s appointment as “unconstitutional.”

Badiri noted that “now we are in a phase to respect laws and procedures – the time for hampering the law is over – we are a democratic state that requires the law to be imposed in the correct manner.”