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Egyptian ambassador visits Bor

January 31, 2013 (BOR) – The Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan, Mu’ayid Fathallah, made a short visit to Jonglei state to see the progess on the construction of the Egyptian clinic in Bor on Wednesday.

Jonglei state’s minister of local government Diing Akol, who received the visitors, said the Egyptian Ambassador’s visit was to witness the implementation of projects sponsored by the Egyptian government, including a health clinic that is due to open in February.

The Egyptian government also funded the building of a power station in Jonglei in 2010. It was supposed to supply Jonglei’s ministries and the hospitals and some residential areas, including the market with power, but it remained has not been operational due to a lack of fuel.

Akol, who is the Deputy Governor of Jonglei, admitted that the station is operational “because of having no fuel, which is supposed to be responsibility of the government of South Sudan”.

“It is the responsibility of the government of South Sudan to complete installation of the power poles and distribution of power in Bor town but that did not happen”, he added.

South Sudan is due to open its first oil refinery in July in neighbouring Upper Nile State. Oil production has been halted for over a year due to a dispute with Khartoum over transit fees.

Akol also pointed out that Egyptian Government has completed the construction of a primary school in Uror County that is due to open soon.

Egypt had expressed a preference that South Sudan not opt to become independent from Sudan in 2011 as it feared that creation of the new nation on the White Nile could jeopordise its control over the Nile’s waters. However, since South Sudan seceded Egypt has looked to improve ties with Juba.