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Red Cross awards volunteers and journalist, governor donates 10% of salary

May 22, 2013 (BOR) – Earlier this month the South Sudan Red Cross Society in awarded five volunteers and Radio Miraya journalist Manyang Mayom Meen certificates acknowledging their work in the crisis hit Jonglei state, where the government is fighting an armed insurgency.

South Sudan Red Cross demonstrating in Bor how they evacuate victims from conflict in Jonglei state, May 6, 2013 (ST)
South Sudan Red Cross demonstrating in Bor how they evacuate victims from conflict in Jonglei state, May 6, 2013 (ST)
The volunteers who received the award were Edward Panther Nhial, Majur, Ayor Kuchcai, Moses Leek Garang, Gop Yuang Jol.

Radio Miraya journalist, Manyang Mayom, was also awarded for his coverage of difficult events. The Director of the South Sudan Red Cross in Jonglei, David Gai
Deer, said that Mayom’s reports had helped them identify areas that need a humanitarian response.

Mayom thanked the South Sudan Red Cross for recognising his work and vowed to work harder.

Describing his reporting, he said: “I was not a judge and I was putting whatever available for those who make decision to learn from what is happening from the ground without acceleration”.

Jonglei governor pledges one tenth of income to S.Sudan Red Cross

The state governor of Jonglei state, Kuol Manyang Juuk, committed a tenth of his monthly salary to South Sudan Red Cross, as his memberships fee, urging others to contribute to strengthened Red Cross preparedness for the ongoing [mostly man made disaster] disaster management in the state.

While celebrating the International Red Cross and Red Crescent day in Bor on May 6, Manyang acknowledged the important contributions made by Red Cross and International Committee of the Red Cross during the war time between South Sudan and Sudan, helping the then Southern Sudanese minors all the way from South Sudan to Ethiopia and finally to Kenya in 1992.

Most of these minors were later on called ‘Lost Boys’, after seeking resettlement in United States and Australia among other countries in the world.

“Without assistance from these important agencies, majority of the then boys, that have now excelled would have not made it”, said Manyang.

Formed on July 9, 2011 together with South Sudan Independence, South Sudan Red Cross helped lots of people in affected by both natural and man-made catastrophes in Jonglei state in particular and his hope, including the wounded people in Pibor and Akobo and others displaced by flood in the state.

It has helped in distribution of food, blankets, and nets among others to people identified families in the state.

He said his government would consider the Red Cross in annual budget of the state to keep the new organization active in the state.

Kuol pledged his personal contribution:

“You have to register me as an individual Kuol Manyang, I will be paying one tenth of my income every month”, he said.