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Once more: Government of National Redemption is the Solution to the Crisis!

Communist Party of South Sudan

Statement on the Government Dissolution Decree

Once more: Government of National Redemption is the Solution to the Crisis!

The dissolution of the government came as no surprise and none will regret its passing away. The government and SPLM leaderships have both admitted failure in running the affairs of the Nation. SPLM lost the compass and functioned without a clear vision and without a specific programme since the CPA implementation phase.

The leadership which struggled heroically for almost 20 years, forgot the noble goals for which they had fought and diverted public funds to their own private use. The logical result is the dissolution of the government and dismissal of its ministers.
It is true, the obvious fact cannot be denied that the struggle at the top level of leadership for power, and not for the interest of the general population of South Sudan, is what speeded up the decrees. It is difficult to describe the measures as a Revolution of Change.

Mainstream political opinion does not only reject the previous faces, they also reject the policies and the widespread practices of the past two years which brought the country to the brink of collapse. They reject the replay of this boring tape and reject the imposition of a one-sided government.

The solution lies in the formation of a government of National Redemption with the participation of all the political forces based on an agreed consensual political programme. We propose these as some of the political programme’s highlights.
The new government should:

  • continue to hold negotiations with the Sudanese Government to reaching the reactivation of the Cooperation Agreement
  • open a full investigation into all the corruption charges since the formation of Government of South Sudan subsequent to the signing of the CPA and present to Court all those implicated.
  • revise the austerity programme at both National and State levels . The expenditure on the branches of government –executive, legislative and judiciary – has not been affected by the introduction of the programme. The only victim of the measures has been the normal citizen.
  • Implement a short term programme with quick returns and impact to feed the citizens and stop the widespread hunger in many states.
  • Implement a strict plan to reinstate security, and protect lives and property. This can only be achieved by transforming the SPLA into a genuine South Sudan National Army.
  • Affirm the fundamental rights and foremost the revision of the handicapping Political Parties Law and ensure the independence of the Trade Union Movement, the Judiiciary and the supremacy of the rule of law in the country.
  • Avoid any undue hurry in the formation of the new Government, cancel the positions of Advisors and Deputy Ministers.

Attempts to restore the dominance of the SPLM in the national state apparatus in any form and the marginalization of other political forces will lead to a replay of the same problems anew and their propagation of the same old problems.

Central Secretariat ?Communist Party of South Sudan? 27.07.2013
0956078743 – 0912483564