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North Darfur governor says backed by Sudanese president to end tribal clashes

September 16, 2013 (KHARTOUM) – North Darfur governor Osman Kibir said he has a mandate from president Omer Al-Bashir to fight tribal clashes which have become the main source of violence and insecurity in the region since the beginning of this year.

Musa Hilal.
Musa Hilal.
Kibir was recently criticised by Musa Hilal, leader of the Darfurian Arab Mahameed clan and advisor at the Sudan Federal Government Chambers (SFGC). The janjweed leader accused him of triggering the tribal clashes between the Beni Hussein and Rezeigat which occurred earlier this year over the control of gold mines in North Darfur state.

Hilal held another reconciliation conference between the two tribes saying he does not recognise a similar conference that North Darfur governor had organised a few months ago to reconcile them.

Also, Abdel Hamid Kasha, East Darfur governor, appeared to be implicitly referring to Kibir, when he earlier this month accused unnamed figures in the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) of involvement in the tribal clashes to serve their own political interest.

Speaking to the members of his government after his return from Khartoum on Monday, Kibir said he has the support of president Omer Al-Bashir. “Liar who says that the (state) government does help chaos and fuelling tribal conflicts”, Kibir further said.

“Our minds are mature and will not sink to the level of the shallow-minded”, he stressed after the severe criticism that Hilal made against him.

He pledged to launch a package of development and services projects, saying he has a respect and affection to the national leadership and he believe in the spirit of collective work and consultations.

Kibir, who is from the Berti tribe, is accused of forming a tribal militia and seeking to strengthen the influence of his tribe in the region after ten years of armed conflict in Darfur.

Observers say the ongoing tribal clashes express also the intention of the militias who fought against rebels to arrogate more lands.

North Darfur governor, Kibir, last month brokered a deal to stop tribal clashes between the Rezeigat and Maalia in Eastern Darfur state, as its governor Kasha was accused by the Maalai of taking part for his tribe, the Rezeigat.

Tribal fighting in Darfur displaced over 300,000 people since January 2013.