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Civil rights advocacy group petitions world leaders conflicts in two Sudans

September 17, 2013 (AGOK, Abyei area) – Leaders of the major different civil and human right advocacy groups from Africa continent and Middle East have petitioned world leaders expected to gather at the upcoming 68th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), urging them to intensify efforts to secure a halt and an address to the ongoing conflicts inside Sudan and with the government of neighbouring South Sudan over differences regarding the final status of the border region of Abyei.

“We appeal to the African Union Peace and Security Council to demand action leading to the immediate cessation of hostilities in South Kordofan, Blue Nile and Darfur and the provision of full and unhindered humanitarian assistance to those who need it, especially those located in rebel-held areas. The suffering of innocent civilians in these regions needs to be dealt with as a matter of utmost urgency”, the advocacy groups representing over 30 leaders said in a letter extended to Sudan Tribune Monday.

The group which called specifically on the leaders from Africa said “fundamental drivers” of the conflict in Sudan are “identical” that a comprehensive resolution would address them instead of “piecemeal”.

“Acknowledging that the fundamental drivers of the conflict are shared across Sudan, we encourage the Council to move away from the piecemeal peace deals of the past and state its support for a comprehensive approach to the resolution of conflicts in Sudan that culminates in a national dialogue process which is holistic in its content and scope and inclusive of all relevant stakeholders, not solely the Government and armed groups”, the leaders of the major civil and human rights advocacy groups added.

They said their calls was in line with the commitment of the African leaders at the AU Summit in May during which the leaders pledged to address the root causes of conflict and the affirmation of the AUPSC in its 29 July 2013 communiqué that a framework of democratization is essential for both Sudan and South Sudan.

The activists further urged the African Union Peace and Security Council to ensure greater capacity is provided to support this democratization process in Sudan as well as a similar process in South Sudan.

“We encourage the AU PSC to develop this comprehensive approach in consultation and coordination with other key regional and international players”, the petitioners stressed in a letter dated 16 September.

They also called on the African leaders to endorse the 21 September 2012 proposal on the resolution of the conflict of Abyei, quoting African Union Peace and Security Council description of the proposal which considered it as a fair, equitable and workable solution to the dispute between the two countries.

“We call on the African Union Peace and Security Council to endorse the 21 September 2012 proposal on the final status of Abyei as a fair, equitable and workable solution to the dispute between Sudan and South Sudan that both states should now accept as final and binding”, the letter reads in part.

“We encourage the AU PSC to review the recommendation from the AUHIP in its report of 29 July 2013 which suggested the Council undertake a visit to the Abyei Area to express support for the people of the region. This would demonstrate to both parties the Council’s concern over the impasse on the final status of the Abyei Area to both parties, and the need for an urgent and conclusive resolution of this issue, as presented in the AUHIP proposal”.