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Loyal betrayers from Darfur, Sudan’s vice president as example

By Hussien Arko Menawi

March 17, 2014- Everyone acknowledges that Darfur crisis has been created and is managed by the Centre in Khartoum for its own interest,(the term Centre here according to an author from the Centre is defined as a network of interrelated social and economic group of particular ethnic groups ). Obviously the Centre plays a major role in creating and managing the crisis in Darfur, however from the perspective of the victims in Darfur and from the dimension of elites contribution it can be observed some strange and hidden roles played by particular figures from Darfur in a more destructive manner than the Centre does. They provide critical services that allow the government to pass its malicious plans against the people of Darfur. The core idea of NCP plan in Khartoum on controlling over the course of the conflict in Darfur is based on two strategies. The first is to take the advantage of local community conflicts in Darfur as a fuel to keep feeding the war on the differences among the various components in guidance with the classic idea of DIVIDE and RULE.

The second strategy is that the NCP government uses some saleable elements of Darfur political figures or native leaders to ignite conflicts among parts and parcels of the community. Throughout the history of Darfur, the region to some extent has witnessed very limited and sporadic clashes over land claims occurred here and there on the background of nearly a century-old stand-off over land disputes between farmers and herders , however, immediately after the Islamic Front had seized power in Sudan in 1989, there obviously a dramatic shift happened in the course of the conflict , not only the tools and methods but also there has been change in the concepts over which the war ignited more than 10 years ago. The war in Darfur is not merely tribal conflict as it used to be called , now it has taken the trend of wider racism with the concept of Arabism and black Africans ,but despite all this political agenda, the decisive factor that changed the course of the war is the clear involvement of power hungry elites of Darfur and some native leaders who are easily manipulated by the Centre through irresistible temptation and incentives of power offered to whoever proves his betrayal against his own people in favor of the NCP government in Khartoum, Hasabo Mohammed Abdrahaman is the best example of this kind of elites in Darfur and he has proven through long experience that he is a cross and a double cross par excellence.

In my best knowledge the minority that put the majority at disadvantage for decades through the game of power monopoly in Khartoum will keep by all means looking for every possible way to avoid their political extinction, as they are quite aware of the inevitable political exclusion which is going to face them through mechanisms that determine the rules of exclusion or inclusion on basis of free and fair elections. Simply their doom is tied to their connection to totalitarian regimes that fostered them over decades. If this minority proved on many occasions how are they capable to resist any transparent democratic process that enables the uprising margin to power , they are also capable of clinging to power by using power hungry elements like Hasabo from the same margin to prolong their iron fist policy in Sudan. In this context the relationship between the NCP regime in Khartoum and some Darfur politicians is not more than a contract between dealers in any dirty business, because the government rarely offers any sensitive post to those opportunists from Darfur unless they prove that they are capable of giving quality services to the NCP regime at the expense of their deprived people in Darfur. Of course the NCP never grants generously high posts to the politicians from the margin and the maximum to be offered is the ministerial post, however the two cases of Haj Adam and Hasabo are exceptional . The case of Haj Adam came on basis of a deal related to the competition between the NCP and Dr Al-Turabi group, while the case of Hasabo is unique because he was able to compete the post of the vice-president when he succeeded to offer the best quality tender of betrayal to his masters in Khartoum.

Hasabo Mohammed Abdrahaman is a member of the Sudanese Islamic Movement, he has been an active member of the Islamic Movement, since he was a student at Ain-Shams university in Egypt, there he devoted all his time to the Islamic movement .After his graduation in 1988 he came back to Sudan and worked as a young graduate for the local governance administration as an administrative officer, while carrying out some clandestine activities under his party intelligence bureau in a low profile, he kept improving his performance for the interest of the Centre strategy against his people in Darfur.

Since the beginning of 1990 until 2003 Hasabo was a member of so called communal security apparatus and was operating in a special section for detention and torture, but during the eruption of Darfur crisis in 2003 he had been promoted to oversee detention and torture of Darfur opposition members. I believe he has proven his efficiency in fighting his people when he assumed his duties in the office of Humanitarian Commission. In 2005 he assumed the post of deputy commissioner then shortly he became the commissioner for Humanitarian Aid Commission where all plots against humanity in Darfur are managed and that is not coincidence that Hasabo to be on top of a commission that runs the daily secret affairs of the war in Darfur under the cover of humanitarian concern. It is ironic that Hasabo was the one who forced the international aid organizations, working in humanitarian field out of Sudan in 2009.

It is broadly known that Hasabo was the person who had overseen the torture of street children and children from Suad Elfateh Quranic centre in 2008 when the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) had invaded Omdurman, the photos of the tortured children been widely watched all over the country and the outside world. In that tragedy a security agent named Amal Mishal Dolaib had collaborated with Hasabo to execute the crime to prove intentionally those children were the members of JEM.

In the context of Hasabo connection to the war crimes in Darfur, no doubt he is the brain behind the so called Border Guards. Janjaweeds are the second arm of the NCP regime in Darfur conflict and they are the most destructive elements ever known but unfortunately only a few people aware that the mastermind behind creating the Janjaweeds was Hasabo Mohamed Abdrahaman and his team mate Ibn-Aouf who worked with Hasabo to establish and regulate the Janjaweeds until they succeeded in developing the Janjaweeds into militia called the Border Guards .Although the concerning international judicial bodies on violation in Darfur tried to prosecute the criminals like Ahmed Haroun and Kosheib, they utterly failed to identify immediate culprits like Hasabo Mohammed Abdrahaman who is considered the most dangerous among the group and that is why the NCP regime has given him the post of vice-president. Of course now on his new mission to accomplish his job in the way befitting his latest vice presidential post. According to the information on the ground he recently dispatched to Darfur around 5000 militia men equipped with more than 400 heavy weapon mounted vehicles to launch a new cycle of genocide in the region. Shortly before his visit to South Darfur State, he directed the militia men called Rapid Intervention forces to sweep the area of Umgunja and Hejair where many civilians lost their lives besides many atrocities committed including raping, kidnapping and looting.

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