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South Sudan appoints first ambassador to Ghana

September 15, 2014 (JUBA) – The South Sudanese government announced on Monday that it had appointed its envoy to Ghana, raising the level of diplomatic relations with the West African nation.

South Sudan's foreign affairs spokesperson, Mawien Makol (Photo: Citizen News)
South Sudan’s foreign affairs spokesperson, Mawien Makol (Photo: Citizen News)
The decision reportedly followed an approval by the country’s leadership to elevate its diplomatic relations level with Ghana, one of the countries that recognised Juba’s independence in July 2011.

“Michael Mayil, who has been head of political affairs department in the ministry of foreign affairs, has been named as the first diplomat to represent the country in Accra, Ghana,” Mawien Makol, the foreign affairs ministry spokesperson told Sudan Tribune.

He described ambassador Mayil as a “good” and “disciplined” diplomat.

“The country and its leadership believe he will perform to the best,” he added.
South Sudan, Makol said, named Philip Jada as its new ambassador to South African, replacing Paul Macuei, who has been moved to Eritrea.

Macuei was posted to Pretoria soon after South Sudan’s independence in July 2011.

“Ambassador Jada is another serious diplomat. He has the country at heart, skillful and humble man. He will serve as the country’s official head of mission to the best”, said Makol.

“The leadership trusts and will provide him the necessary support to serve our people”, he added.

In January, Ghana’s president John Dramani Mahama promised to send about 850 troops to South Sudan to help stabilise the security situation in the world’s youngest nation.

The announcement followed a request by the United Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon to the West African nation for help in keeping peace and assisting with humanitarian efforts.


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