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Warrap: 27 youth arrested over inter-clan clashes

September 16, 2014 (KUAJOK) – Authorities in South Sudan’s Warrap state have arrested 27 youth suspected to have been involved in inter-clan clashes that occurred in the border region last weekend.

Over 40 people died during the clashes, which took place in Tonj East county between the Wun- Adel and Wun-Thoc clan sections.

“The 27 suspects were arrested by the police in collaboration with the community leaders who help the authority to identify those who were allegedly involved in attacking one another,” Paul Dhel Gum, the state minister for information told Sudan Tribune Tuesday.

“All suspects are now being held under serious investigation
before law could take it price,” he added.

The state government, the minister said, has ordered for the collection of 1,302 cows from both sides to compensate the families of the 42 people killed during last weekend’s inter-clan clashes.

“The situation has come to normal after the state government deployed heavy police forces to quell tension in the area,” he said.

A four-day peaceful dialogue was reportedly conducted by Warrap state authorities to re-unite the two warring clans, allowing them return and live side by side with each other in the cattle camp.