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NCP picks potential nominees for Khartoum governorship in 2015

September 26, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – The Shura Consultative Council of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) in the state of Khartoum on Friday picked seven nominees out of a list of eight for candidacy in the 2015 elections for the governor of Khartoum.

Abdel-Rahman al-Khidir (file photo)
Abdel-Rahman al-Khidir (file photo)
Because there has been no consensus, a secret ballot vote was conducted by a technical committee headed by NCP figure Ibrahim Ahmed Omer.

The eight figures included incumbent governor Abdulrahman al-Khidir, Bashir Abuksawi, Osman Bashir al-Kabashi, Sideeg Muhammad Ali al-Sheikh, Gawdatalla Osman, al-Haj Atta al-Mannan, Ammar Hamid Suleiman and Faisal Hassan Ibrahim.

The vote count was as follows Khidir (97); Mannan (43); Suleiman (24); Sheikh (21); Osman (17); Ibrahim (20); Kabashi (14); Abuksawi (10). The latter is now off the list being the one with the least votes.

Al-Amin Dafalla and retired Major General Omer Nimir, who is currently mayor of Khartoum, withdrew from the race.

Defence minister Gen. Abdul-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, strongly denied reports about his intention to seek NCP nomination about waging a race to run for Khartoum governor.

Hussein stressed his strict adherence to professionalism of the armed forces and laws restricting political activities, and expressed surprise at including his name.

He added that he asked one of the NCP Shura council members to ask that his name be removed from any possible nomination list.