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Al-Thani hopes for greater Sudanese role in Libya

October 29, 2014 (KHARTOUM) – Libya’s prime minister for his part expressed hope that Sudan plays major role in restoring security and stability in the north Africa country, denying reports that the Sudanese government is supporting Islamist militias.

The Libyan prime minister shakes hands with Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti after his arrival to Khartoum on 27 October 2014 (Photo: AFP/Ashraf Shazly)
The Libyan prime minister shakes hands with Sudanese foreign minister Ali Karti after his arrival to Khartoum on 27 October 2014 (Photo: AFP/Ashraf Shazly)
Abdullah al-Thani wrapped un on Wednesday a three day visit to Sudan, removing previous misunderstandings between the two countries particularly accusation of Khartoum support to the Libyan armed groups.

Before to leave Khartoum the visiting head of Libyan government expressed hope that Khartoum support their efforts for peace in his country and reiterated his willingness to engage in talks with the armed groups.

“The door is open for dialogue with our brothers on the condition that all the parties make concessions,” he stressed.

Sudanese president from his side that his country would host a regional meeting to achieve peace in Libya and reconcile the warring parties in north African nation.

On Tuesday Sudanese foreign minister, Ali Karti, announced that al-Thani accepted a plan presented by Bashir to bring different Libyan groups together for talks on ending the conflict.

On the other hand, the Libyan premier told the BBC in Khartoum that his country is ready to provide economic support for Sudan particularly in the field of oil, disclosing that the next neighbouring countries of Libya meeting will be held in the Sudanese capital to discuss security coordination among these countries to restore stability in Libya.

Meanwhile, the head of the Sudanese Businessmen Union (SBU), Saud al-Birair, said they agreed with the Libyan government to build military camps for the Libyan army, pointing that Sudan will join the reconstruction efforts in the strife-torn North African nation.

Al-Birair, who met the Libyan premier on Tuesday in the presence of the Sudanese finance minister and the Libyan foreign minister, discolsed that a delegation from the SBU will soon visit Libya to sign contracts of prefabricated buildings for the Libyan army.

He told the official news agency SUNA that the meeting discussed several issues including reconstruction of schools and homes besides supplying Libya with meats.


Al-Thani accused unnamed parties of seeking to divide Libya into several states, underscoring the situation in east Libya is stable after the army and police units extended control over most of the areas.

He expressed his government’s readiness to negotiate with the armed militias provided that these militias lay down their arms and leave the capital and other cities and recognize the legitimate parliament and government.

The Libyan premier also told the BBC that Qatar played a major role during the Libyan revolution, calling upon it to support stability in his country.

He warned against large presence of the Islamic State militiamen in several areas in his country, demanding neighboring countries to coordinate security efforts to eliminate these militias which will pose great danger in the future as their numbers increase.