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Eastern Equatoria prime target for rebel attack: governor

December 4, 2014 (TORIT) – Eastern Equatoria governor Louis Lobong Lojore has called on local residents to remain vigilant and keep a close watch on border entry points, saying the state remains a prime target for a rebel attack.

Namorunyang state governor Louis Lobong Lojore (ST)
Namorunyang state governor Louis Lobong Lojore (ST)
“On behalf of the people of Eastern Equatoria state, I must say to the rebels we are for peace, unity and development, and not for war destruction,” he said, lamenting the suffering of the South Sudanese people since conflict erupted across the country in mid-December last year.

Although Eastern Equatoria has remained peaceful throughout the conflict, Lojore said its strategic position made it vulnerable to attack, saying extra vigilance was needed given its three porous international borders.

He also urged the state’s youth to resist joining rebel forces.

“You might have heard that there is secret training in [the] Jie area. It is done by people who are used to creating conflict and benefit out of confusion,” he said.

“I urge you to resist the culture of getting [into a] political position through rebellion.

“Anyone who needs to join the rebels, the door is open; let him board the vehicle to Kenya and head to Addis Ababa and cross to rebel camps, but not to try it on our land,” he added.

Lojore said that maintaining security remained a collective responsibility, praising Equatorians for adhering to the rule of law, warning that abandoning these ideals would only cause further division and fragmentation in the country.

The governor made the comments in Torit on Wednesday while addressing the House before they broke for their recess.


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