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Two students killed in South Darfur by unknown gunmen

December 31, 2014 (NYALA) -Two high school students were killed by unidentified gunmen on Wednesday in al-Geer neighbourhood in South Darfur state capital, Nyala.

Ahmed Adam, uncle of one of the victims told Sudan Tribune that the students were coming back from an evening class when they were intercepted by two gunmen at the Nyala valley which borders their neighbourhood.

He added the two men asked them to hand over their mobile phone, pointing one of the gunmen opened fire and killed the two students instantly following a heated discussion.

Adam noted the two gunmen fled the scene towards the north-west of Nyala.

Hundreds of al-Geer neighbourhood residents had gathered in protest of the incident.

A source within the state’s police told Sudan Tribune that three suspects were arrested, pointing that charges have been filed against them under articles 175 and 130 of the criminal code relating to looting and premeditated murder.

On Sunday, an army soldier was also killed by unidentified gunmen after he was kidnapped from his house in al-Fann’ia neighbourhood east of Nyala.

The killing of the army soldier came less than 24 hours after a looting took place of the salaries of the employees of Al-Hadaf Security Services Company.

South Darfur is witnessing a constitutional vacuum for three months after the governor, Adam Mahmoud Jar al-Nabi, was relieved of his position due to changes within the ruling National Congress Party (NCP).

The state has also witnessed a near total security breakdown in recent months with recurrent incidents of looting, banditry and murder including from pro-government militias.

Businessmen and commercial convoys in South Darfur are regularly attacked by armed gangs which demand ransom for their release.

Last July, governor Jar al-Nabi, declared an indefinite emergency situation in South Darfur state, including a curfew from 7pm to 7am (local time) in the capital Nyala.

The decision also banned riding of motorcycles by more than one person, holding weapons while wearing civilian clothes, vehicles driving around without license plates, and wearing a kadamool (turban which covers the face).

It also prohibited tinted glasses on cars in Nyala even for government officials unless permission is being obtained from the traffic police. The decision further prevented firing of gunshots in social events in Nyala.

A special tribunal has been set up to investigate crimes, with residents supplied with phone numbers to contact authorities to report crimes and other violations of the emergency laws.

However, several residents have accused the state’s government of failure to carry out the emergency order, saying no financial incentives have been offered to the security apparatus although the government withholds 10 pounds SDG from the monthly salaries of its employees to support it.

In October, South Darfur state’s legislative council passed the community security act which banned use of the four-wheel drive vehicles and motorcycles inside the state.


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