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Sudanese security arrests party members distributing anti-government flyers

January 8, 2015 (KHARTOUM) – The Sudan chapter of the Islamist Hizb al-Tahrir party said that security forces briefly detained nine of its members in Khartoum and other states, after distributing leaflets denouncing the recent constitutional amendments.

Sudanese lawmakers on Sunday approved three controversial constitutional amendments introduced by the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) despite protests of PCP MPs who did not take part in the vote.

The first bill allows the president to appoint governors who will no longer be elected through universal suffrage. The second transforms the National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) into regular force to legitimize the creation of its militia the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Finally the third reform is the inclusion of Doha Document for Peace in Darfur (DDPD) in the constitution.

A statement from Hizb al-Tahrir party spokesman Abu-Khalil said that that Sudanese security filed complaints against their members and later released them. However they were asked to report to security office later.

It added that Hizb al-Tahrir seeks to carry out its vision through intellectual and political struggle and excludes “material” acts in compliance with Prophet Muhammad’s ways in state creation.

The party accused the United States of seeking to divide Sudan through Sudanese political forces in the next phase after the adoption of a new constitution and agreeing on a voluntary unity which it considered a prelude to the division of Sudan.

The parent organization of Hizb al-Tahrir was founded in 1953 in Jerusalem by Taqiuddin al-Nabhani that calls for unifying all Muslims under an Islamic caliphate.

They refuse to resort to violence as a method of achieving their goals.


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