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Greater Pibor raiders blamed for latest killings

February 10, 2015 (JUBA) – Jonglei state caretaker governor John Kong Nyuon claims raiders from the Greater Pibor Administrative Area (GPAA) are responsible for the recent killing of five people in Jalle payam (district) in Bor county and the separate attacks in Twic East

The raid in Jalle a week ago was the first deadly attack to be blamed on cattle raiders since Pibor-based rebels group led by David Yau Yau signed an agreement with president Salva Kiir’s government in May 2014.

Yau Yau was appointed the chief administrator for the GPAA, which was created by presidential decree and expanded the former Pibor and Pochalla counties to seven.
Following a meeting with Kiir on Monday, Nyuon told state-owned South Sudan Television (SSTV) that security in the government-controlled counties remains stable overall.

He also confirmed that the raiders had come from the Greater Pibor area.

“There were raids in Jalle that led to the killing of five people, but the cattle were rescued by SPLA (South Sudanese army) soldiers and organised forces,” said Nyuon, without providing further details on what the government is doing to avoid further raids.

According to Nyuon, the attack in Twic East county had left at two people dead, with an unspecified number of cattle looted.


Meanwhile, the governor downplayed the magnitude of protests held in late January in Bor by a group of women calling for his removal from power, saying media reports had been “exaggerated”.

“There were just about 200 women,” he said. “The media exaggerated the protest but it was just a very small group,” he added.

The protesters accused the governor of being a rebel sympathiser by allowing salaries to be transferred to opposition-controlled areas. The governor denies the claims.

Jonglei state is largely divided into three areas, with Nyuon controlling Bor, Twic East and Duk counties, while rebels remain in control of Akobo, Uror, Nyirol, Fangak and parts of Pigi. Ayod, where government forces have entered the town, is also still under rebel control.

GPAA is administered by Yau Yau under the office of the president Kiir.