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55 peace mobilisers trained in Warrap state

April 29, 2015 (KUAJOK) – At least 55 peace mobilisers have successfully completed a two week training organised by the Committee for National Healing, Peace and Reconciliation (CNHPR) in South Sudan’s Warrap state.

The map of Warrap state in red
The map of Warrap state in red
The peace mobilisers, CNHPR said, were selected from all the 42 payams in Warrap.

“The Warrap training commenced six months after the successful completion of a 4 week training of 76 lead peace mobilisers from all ten states and Abyei Administrative Area, which took place in Yei [county] ,” CNHPR said in a statement on Friday.

According to the national reconciliatory body, each of the lead mobilisers will participate in the training of more than 50 other state peace mobilisers.

Meanwhile, community consultations in Warrap will begin a week after the 2 May closing ceremony as part of a nationwide consultation process to be conducted in all 10 states and Abyei using a total of more than 550 peace ambassadors throughout 2015 and 2016, so as to develop a nationwide people-driven reconciliation agenda.

Spiritual leaders, directors of womens’ empowerment organisations and other community leaders were among peace mobilisers trained by CNHPR.

“Following the training, the mobilisers will facilitate and document consultations at the payam level, eventually reaching every payam in the country,” CNHPR said. “The state training has equipped the mobilisers with skills on facilitation and documentation.”

These consultations are reportedly the core of CNHPR’s three-year vision of collecting a narrative from South Sudanese at grassroots level to ensure that the reconciliation journey is driven and shaped by its citizens’ rich experiences, knowledge, and needs.