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Four people killed in tribal clashes in Sudan’s capital

July 28, 2015 (KHARTOUM) – At least four people were killed following clashes between al-Hawaweer and al-Gamo’iya at an area that lies west of Sudan’s twin capital city of Omdurman in a dispute over land.

Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein (Getty)
Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein (Getty)
The interior ministry sent police units to separate the two sides while Khartoum state decided to form a committee to investigate the bloody events during an emergency meeting of the Commission for the Coordination of Security Affairs headed by governor Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein.

This follows similar clashes which took place last week which lead to the death of one person and injury of several others. Houses were also burned in the battle which saw the use of knives and guns.

The state decided to establish three committees that would undertake strict security and legal procedures against outlaws, seek to reconcile the two tribes and resolve the issue of land disputes in the area once and for all.

The governor pledged to enforce all the decisions and recommendations that committees present.