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Jonglei authorities lock up 17 robbery suspects in Bor town

August 20, 2015 (BOR) – Police officers in South Sudan’s Jonglei state have arrested 17 suspects in connection with the increase in robbery cases within the capital, Bor.

According to the Bor town mayor, Nhial Majak Nhial, identities of the individuals caught would not be released to the public as some of them were from the organised forces.

“We are not yet going to disclose their identities because some of them are members of organize forces and we are investigating their motives, and some of them were found with the weapons”, he told Sudan Tribune in the capital, Bor on Thursday.

The suspects arrested were allegedly in possession of weapons and the illegal Marijuana. Some of the suspects, the mayor said, were children below the age of 18.

“These criminals sleep during the day and disturb people at night. We have children that we didn’t expect to be criminals”, said Nhial.

There are reports that some members of the police force collaborate with some of the robbers, but these allegations could not be independently confirmed by Sudan Tribune.

Meanwhile, a woman was stabbed to death in her house in Bor, less than a week after a man on a motor bike was gunned down by unknown assailants outside Bor town.


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