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Disputes in Warrap state over unpaid dues and allowances

November 26, 2015 (RUMBEK) – The leader of the Greater Tonj community in South Sudan’s Warrap state is in a bitter row with his Aguok counterpart from Gogrial East county over the kind of attitude each has towards caretaker governor, Akec Tong Aleu.

Map detail showing South Sudan's Lakes state in red
Map detail showing South Sudan’s Lakes state in red
In a letter, the Greater Tonj community leader, Augustino Agei Aguet cited four main reasons for his attitude towards the caretaker governor of Warrap state.

Aguet accused Mayar Deng Mayar, a lawmaker representing Gogrial East in Warrap state parliament, of physically assaulting the caretaker governor from his office on Monday.

Mayar was among the officials dismised by Warrap governor in October.

Some of the officials had complained of unpaid dues and allowance benefits, which evnentually prompted physical assaulting of the caretaker governor in his office.

“I strongly condemned in strongest terms these recurring conspiracies of your uncontrolled son Mayar Deng Mayar to be addressed thoroughly rather than living him to spoil and jeopardise our peaceful coexistence and good relations,” reads the letter.

Mayar, however, caimed they were just looking for their three-month unpaid allowances.

“We are just requesting payment of our three months allowances which could amount to more than 117,000 South Sudanese pound for each person of us – this is our right – the dues include our post-service benefit – we need them paid to us,” he stressed.

Mayar, who is currently a lawmaker representing Gogrial East county in the state legislative asssembly and his two colleagues were sacked about three months ago.