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South Sudanese opposition leader in food poison scare

December 7, 2015 (WAU) – The chairperson of South Sudan’s opposition People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Peter Mayen Majongdit was last week rushed to a nearby clinic in the capital, Juba after he was allegedly poisoned, close relatives disclosed.

Peter Mayen Majondit (ST)
Peter Mayen Majondit (ST)
“He started vomiting and fell on the ground unconscious; we immediately took him to hospital”, Aluet Majongdit, a sister to the opposition leader told Sudan Tribune Monday.

A report from a local clinic where Majongdit was admitted reportedly showed the PLP leader was “poisoned”, but was slowly recovering at the Juba-based medical facility.

“I did eat local food with [an] unknown gentleman, who introduced himself as Mr. James and he said that he like my party and he did invited me for food at nearby restaurant closed to where I was waiting for a friend to meet”, recalled the vocal opposition figure.

A family member said they repeatedly warned Majongdit over his lifestyle.

“He [Majongdit] just believes in everyone, he interacts freely with everyone and he likes common places. He does not behave like a politician. He is so simple but that can be damaging to him”, said the family member.

“We as a party shall now regulate his movement and communication our chairperson lifestyles shall now must be regulated by, that shall include his meetings, visits and all appointment must be made to the party leadership”, said the party’s secretary general.

“We cannot point at anyone [responsible] for now due to lack of enough evidence”, he added.

Last month, the PLP attracted public attention after it threatened to stage protests if government failed to address the economic meltdown in the country. He specifically cited fuel crisis, high prizes in markets and lack of foreign currency as major setbacks.