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S. Sudan’s Boma state governor appoints deputy

January 30, 2016 (JUBA) – The governor of South Sudan’s newly-created state of Boma, Baba Medan Konyi appointed a deputy on Saturday after arriving to Pibor town on Friday, more than a month since a dispute over his appointment with the former administrator.

The 10 states of South Sudan
The 10 states of South Sudan
Boma state was curved out of Jonglei in a decree by President Salva Kiir in October 2015. Gen. David Yau Yau, a former rebel commander who ruled Pibor from May 2014 when he signed a peace accord with the government, has contested Konyi’s appointment, claiming the latter was rejected by people from the new state.

President Kiir hosted a series of meetings between Yau Yau and Konyi groups at state house in Juba over the last one, since governors were sworn into offices in December.

Governor Konyi has appointed Oguto Ocham as his deputy. He also appointed state ministers and commissioners, just days after he arrived in Pibor county.

Boma is one of four states curved from Jonglei, including Western and Eastern Bieh.

Tensions has remained high in Pibor between opponents and supporters of Konyi.