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Western Lakes state ban illegal tax collection

May 24, 2016 (RUMBEK) – Lawmakers in South Sudan’s Western Lakes state on Tuesday passed a resolution directing the state ministry of local government and law enforcement agency to deal with illegal tax collectors.

Map detail of South Sudan showing Lakes state in red
Map detail of South Sudan showing Lakes state in red
The chairman of market committee surveillance, Madhieu Makuac Adhil said several institutions are involved in collecting taxes in Rumbek market without proper authorisation from authorities concerned with tax collection.

“The ministry of finance, trade and industry is in charge for tax collection from all businesses operators, but local security agents have turned into tax collectors on streets, from shop to shop and establishing more road blocks without justification,” he said.

At its seventh session held in Rumbek, 17 members passed the vote against four, authorizing the local government ministry to deal with illegal tax collectors.

“There will be an auditing body and investigation body to track those involved and if anybody is found guilty, immediately that person must face law,” said Madhieu.

He also cautioned the public to desist from illegally using the form designed by the finance ministry for tax collection.

Meanwhile, Western Lakes state minister for local government and law enforcement, Benjamin Makuer Mabor has directed that the order from MPs be imposed.

The need to establish a state revenue authority and supervision of fuel stations to avoid unnecessary collection of money were some of the recommendations passed.

MPs also resolved that all authorities involved in the market’s regulation be removed.