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Sudanese student dies in fighting in Faluja

June 1, 2016 (KHARTOUM) – A Sudanese medical student who joined the ranks of the Islamic State (ISIS) group, has been killed during recent fighting in the Iraqi town of Faluja.

FILE - Two ISIS supporters hold flag (ABC News)
FILE – Two ISIS supporters hold flag (ABC News)
The Iraqi army and the popular mobilisation forces have been launching multiple attacks against the ISIS in Faluja.

The family of Ayman Siddeq Abdel-Aziz, formerly a student at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Khartoum, has set up a tent for mourning the deceased in Al-Muhandiseen suburb in Khartoum’s twin city of Omdurman to receive condolences on the death of their younger son upon learning about his death from colleagues who travelled with him about a year ago.

The deceased student was considered one of the effective members of the second group of students who flew from Khartoum to Istanbul, from where they crossed the Syrian-Turkish southern border.

The group consisted of 12 students, including the daughter of a senior government official. 10 of the students carried British travel documents. The first group embraced 17 students at the medicine and pharmacy departments at the same university.

Mustafa Osman Figiri, a member of the first group of Sudanese students who travelled to Syria to join the ISIS, blew himself up in a suicide bombing in Raqqa last July.

The two batches were followed by a third group of four girls, including twins Manar and Abrar Abdelsalam.

The number of the medical science university students who joined the ISIS reached 40. Three of these students have so far been killed including, Mohamed al-Mutasim al-Kanzi and Abdel-Aziz.

Abdul-Ilah, the son of the late leader of Jamaat Ansar al Sunnah, Abu Zaid Mohamed Hamzah, was killed in armed clashes in the ISIS stronghold of Sirte in Libya last year.

One week before, Abu Ja’afar al-Sudani blew himself up in a car bomb in the Libyan city of Derna. The ISIS mourned last June a Sudanese member nicknamed “Abu-al-fida’a” who said to be “martyred” in Raqaa last June.

The Ministry of Interior in Khartoum announced last year that about 70 Sudanese had gone to join the ISIS franchises, both in Libya and Syria. So far, however, only two of the students who became members of the ISIS have returned, but identical information shows the number of Sudanese students in ISIS exceeds these statistics.