Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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SLM-AW report on human rights violation in Sudan

Sudan Liberation Movement Supplementary Report No (5) The ongoing genocide in Darfur and the rampant Human Rights violations in Sudan Preamble The appendix report No (5) is the latest report in a series of fact- finding reports issued by the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdul Wahid Mohammed Ahmed Al-Nour documenting the latest incidents of the ongoing genocide in Darfur as well as the fathomless human rights violations in Sudan. The report, however, is divided into two parts; the first part deals with the names of hundreds of innocent civilians who died in recent three months as the result of the consequences of the use of chemical weapons by the government of Sudan in Jebel Marra in mid-January 2016. Meanwhile, the other part is a reflection of the daily base killings and attacks, kidnappings, rape cases and arbitrary arrests as unceasing reality in Darfur in addition to very few violations in other parts of Sudan as follow:- See the attached report SLM-AW report on human rights violation in Sudan

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