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Sudan’s FM calls on doubtful donors to support South Sudan’s peace

Sudan FM speaks before the UN General Assembly on 1 oct 2018  (ST Photo)
Sudan FM speaks before the UN General Assembly on 1 oct 2018 (ST Photo)

October 1, 2018 (NEW YORK) – Sudanese Foreign Minister El-Dirdeiry Ahmed has called on the doubtful international donors to support the implementation of South Sudan revitalized peace agreement (R-ARCSS) and to give peace a chance.

El-Dirdeiry made his call on Monday before the United National General Assembly when he spoke about the IGAD efforts to end the South Sudanese and the commitment of his country in particular to bring stability in the new country which was part of Sudan.

“For those who doubt the aptitude of South Sudan’s leaders to work together or the intentions of the region or its ability to continue working in unity in support of South Sudan, I want to say that all of us have no choice but to give peace a chance,” he said.

He further stressed that there would be no hope for a bright future in South Sudan in particular and the region in general unless “we support the implementation of the peace agreement that we have in our hands”.

El-Dirdeiry was the chief mediator during the peace talks in Khartoum on outstanding issues of the revitalized peace agreement which last for three months and concluded by the signing of an agreement in Addis Ababa on 12 September.

His plea for international support was in fact directed to the Troika countries and especially for the United States which several times threatened to stop its financial support for the peace implementation mechanisms.

In a statement released on 12 September, they cast doubt on the commitment of the parties to the agreement saying they would not support it unless the later prove a significant change in “their approach”.

“This (change) must include, but not be limited to: an end to violence and full humanitarian access; the release of political prisoners; and a real commitment to effective and accountable implementation, demonstrated by supporting robust security and enforcement mechanisms, checks on executive and majority power, and the transparent use of resources for the benefit of all South Sudanese,” the Troika in its statement.

“As for the donor countries, I would like to say that the great assistance you made in the past will not be in vain if the current opportunity to sustain peace in South Sudan is missed. Therefore, I call on these countries not to refrain or hesitate at this time where South Sudan is in dire need of its support,” said the Sudanese foreign minister.