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SSOA’s nominee for South Sudan VP should be selected on regional basis: Costello

November 27, 2018 (KHARTOUM) – The South Sudan Patriotic Movement leader SSPM Costello Garang Ring advised his allies in the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) to pick their nominee for vice-president on regional not tribal criteria.

Costello Garang Ring (ST Photo)
Costello Garang Ring (ST Photo)
In addition to the first vice president, the revitalized peace agreement provides to establish during the transitional period four vice-presidents in equal rank among them one to be nominated by the SSOA.

The opposition alliance which is a signatory of the peace deal is debating nowadays on who among them will take this position, as several point that the Skulk deserves this position because they expect that the Nuer will be represented by Riek Machar, the First Vice President and Taban Deng a vice-president, While the Equatorians are represented by James Wani. For the Dinka, many expect that besides President Kiir the Former Political Detainees may appoint Madame Rebecca Garang.

However, Costello believes that the SSOA in this delicate process should be inspired by the experience of the historical SPLM which held a similar debate on whether the choice would be according to the representation of the regions or according to the tribes.

He told Sudan Tribune that William Nyuon at the time refused to be appointed as the deputy chairman because he is a Nuer.

Castello further said that when they began discussions about forming an opposition coalition, it was not known that the SSOA would nominate a vice-president to represent them at the presidency.

Also, he said no one can pretend to be alone the forefather of this alliance as the idea of establishing an opposition coalition emerged since 2016 and many participated in the discussions.

“I can say that the SSOA is the son of many parents and none of these parents can say that he is the forefather.

“Whoever says that wants to break the coalition,” he stressed.