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Struggle for South Sudan vice-president is behind SSOA’s crisis: Changson

December 7, 2018 (JUBA) – Gabriel Changson one of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) figures claiming the leadership of the group, said the struggle for the position of the vice president is one of the reasons on the crisis in the coalition.

Gabriel Changson Chang (file/ST)
Gabriel Changson Chang (file/ST)
On 30 November, Peter Gatdet the leader of South Sudan United Movement (SSUM) was elected as the of the opposition alliance. But the incumbent leader Gabriel Changson rejected the vote and organized another meeting on 4 November where he has been reinstituted by the factions supporting him.

The dispute has affected the different factions of the alliance as the two leaders are recruiting supporters from these groups to legitimize their election at the head of the group.

“One of the reasons that why we are fighting on the table is the issue of the vice president that has been earmarked for SSOA,” he said in an interview Thursday with VOA’s South Sudan in Focus on Friday.

“Dr Lam accusing me that during my stay in Juba I’m lobbying for the vice president’s position and I met with Taban Deng. In Washington, he was promised by Taban to be the vice president. Hussain Abdel-Bagui is doing the same,” he said.

Changson who rejected Peter Gatdet’s claim for the leadership of the group, further put it clear that SSOA’s positions in the upcoming Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RTGoNU) will only be distributed by the opposition alliance

“One thing is very clear our positions will never be distributed by the TGoNU nor by IO they will be only distributed by SSOA and its leadership,” he said.

In line with the peace agreement signed on 12 September 2018, the presidency during the transitional period shall comprise the president, the first vice president, and four Vice Presidents one of them is nominated by SSOA.

Changson reiterated his objection that Peter Gatdet who is under UN individual sanctions cannot lead the alliance.