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Troika says gov’t must respond to Sudanese call for democracy

Protesters and army soldiers outside the SAF headquarters on 8 April 2019 morning (ST photo)
Protesters and army soldiers outside the SAF headquarters on 8 April 2019 morning (ST photo)

April 9, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – The Troika countries called on the Sudanese government to consider seriously the demand of protesters for political change and pledged to support the East African nation if such transition is implemented.

The Troika, the United Kingdom, United States and Norway, Tuesday issued a statement following the repeated use of violence by the security authorities in a bid to break up the 4-day protests outside the headquarters in Khartoum.

After the 6 April, “the protests (…) continue to grow and the demand for political change from the courageous and resilient people of Sudan is becoming ever clearer and more powerful,” said the joint statement.

The Troika further said time has come to consider in a serious and credible way the demands of the Sudanese people for a political transition.

“The Sudanese people are demanding a transition to a political system that is inclusive and has greater legitimacy. The Sudanese authorities must now respond and deliver a credible plan for this political transition,” stressed the Troika.

President Omer al-Bashir continues to deny the scale of the protests in the country and the growing rejection of his regime by the Sudanese.

He called on the opposition to join the negotiating table to discuss reforms based on a document endorsed by the NCP-dominated dialogue process.

The Troika added that the government must now “deliver a credible plan for this political transition,” and warned that “failing to do so risks causing greater instability”.

“The Sudanese leadership has a grave responsibility to avoid such an outcome”.

The statement furthermore pointed to the need to create a conducive environment in the country and asked to release political detainees and to ensure freedoms including the freedom to protest.

“If the Sudanese authorities take these steps, the Troika will support such a political process and in time could work to help resolve some of the long term economic challenges that Sudan faces,” said the statement.

Sudan is under international sanctions due to its designation in the U.S. list of state sponsors for terrorism. Washington and Khartoum signed last November an agreement to remove Sudan from the list as a decision should be taken in the upcoming months.

Observers agree that Khartoum has violated the deal particularly pointing to the excessive use of violence during the past four months against the peaceful protest despite the different warning from the State Department on this respect.


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