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Sudanese lawyers and Human rights defenders back calls for civil rule

Press statement by 55 Sudanese lawyers and Human rights defenders on Sudan Sit-in and Peaceful Protest

Khartoum -24/04/2019

We, the undersigned (55) Sudanese lawyers and human rights defenders, congratulate the people of Sudan on their great landmark December-April revolution and we send our prayers to the souls of all Sudan martyrs and victims of war and those who lost their lives while peacefully protesting and perusing a peaceful and democratic Sudan and those whom we lost, as a result of the miserable laws and policies of Sudan Salvation regime since June 30th 1989.

As lawyers, we would like to stress the importance of Sudan’s commitment to its international and regional obligations particularly the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights adopted by the Republic of Sudan since 1986 – mainly article 19 and article 20; and Sudan’s commitment to its people, peace and security as stated in the African Charters for Humans and People Rights. All instruments grant the citizens’ rights to peaceful association and freedom of expression and opinions.
We as Sudanese lawyers here by, stress the rights of Sudanese people to peaceful protests and their freedom of expression and the legitimacy of their demands for civil government based on their declared and clearly stipulated consciences reflected in the “Declaration of Freedom and Change”.

We the undersigned lawyers and Human rights defenders stress that the peaceful Sit-In does not by any means threaten any peace or security and we commend the wisdom and commitment of Sudanese peaceful protesters in keeping the peace whilst maintaining the nonviolent nature of their protest and demands.
Equally, we emphasize that the only way to avoid violence and unlawful acts is to ensure the rights and the protection to peaceful protest.

We call on Sudan Military Council, Sudan Legal and Law enforcement institutions, the national army, regional actors and the international community to respect the Human Rights of Sudanese people and take their just demands for civil government seriously and with utmost high regard, and ensure their protection while they are exercising their civil duty and peacefully serving and working for the future of their country.

Equally, we are calling on the peaceful protestors in the Sit-in in Khartoum and beyond to continue exercising their freedom of expression and their right of peaceful assembly while maintaining public safety, public order, the protection of public health and the protection of the rights and freedoms of others. This is the only guarantee for a civil and democratic state that respects the rule of law and responds to the hopes and aspirations of Sudanese people who have endured the suffering and agony of conflicts and injustice for almost 30 years.

1. People Legal Aid Centre – PLACE
2. Sudan Women Lawyers Association – SWLA
3. Darfur Bar Association
4. Awan Legal Aid Centre
5. Daboura – Christian Lawyer’s Association
6. Nuba Mountains Lawyers’ Association
7. Right Legal Aid Centre
8. Bana Legal Aid Centre
9. Individual Journalists
10. Maan Legal Aid Centre
11. Individual Lawyers and Human rights defenders
12. SIHA Network