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Sudan cancels restrictions on trade unions

May 23, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – Sudan’s transitional military junta decided on Wednesday to cancel restrictions on trade union organizations, saying it should be in line with international legislation ensuring free trade unions.

Sudanese oil workers at the Heglig oil field (FILE)
Sudanese oil workers at the Heglig oil field (FILE)
Under the 1992 Act of the al-Bashir regime, trade union rights are minimal, and there are no independent unions.

The Sudan Workers’ Trade Unions Federation has been co-opted by the government.

In a statement released by military media, the Council pointed to the need to observe the right to form a trade union and to join the trade union of one’s choice.

“There is a need to unblock these organizations in compliance with the international charters and to consolidate the gains achieved by the Sudanese working in regional and international organizations,” said the statement.

The decision to cancel the restrictions on trade unions includes both professional associations and unions. And the General Union of National Employers, further stressed the Council.

Also, the Transitional Military Council will meet with trade union leaders at the Sudanese presidency on Thursday.