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We had understandings, not agreements with the opposition, says Sudan’s military

A meeting of TMC and FFC on the sovereign council on 19 May 2019 (ST photo)
A meeting of TMC and FFC on the sovereign council on 19 May 2019 (ST photo)

June 23, 2019 (KHARTOUM) – Deputy Chairman of the Political Committee of the Transitional Military Council (TMC), Yasir al-Atta said they did not reach a binding political agreement with the opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC).

The military official made his remarks during a press conference held on Sunday to brief the media about the TMC position from a draft agreement proposed by the Ethiopian Mediator Mahmoud Dirir.

Al-Atta spoke about previous agreements they concluded last May with the FFC related to the transitional technocrat government and the appointed legislative assembly.

“What was reached with the FFC in the past were understandings rather than binding agreements,” he said.

The TMC said they didn’t take a decision on the Ethiopian proposal which endorses the previous two agreements saying they want a joint proposal by the African Union envoy and the IGAD mediator.

Al-Atta further alluded to the possible formation of a technocrat government if they fail to reach an agreement with the FFC stressing it remains an option that they hope not have to be forced to take because they want to work with the young people who led the revolution in order to achieve the goal of the revolution, as he said.

“We appreciate the role of the Forces for Freedom and Change in the leadership of the revolution and the fervour of patriotism we found in them,” he said.

“But we tell them that the situation has changed slightly in a direction they must compromise and bring the other forces with them or they will not govern this country during the transitional period,” he added.

Following the FFC’s rejection to allow the TMC to control the Sovereign Council, the military leaders encouraged the former allies of the al-Bashir regime and created youth and women structures also they sought to mobilise the support of the native administration.

Also, the TMC deputy head and general commander of the Rapid Support Forces accused the opposition of planning to disband his militia during the transitional period and called to review the previous deals particularly the composition of the transitional parliament.


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