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Floods destroy farms, displaces thousands in Tonj state

August 26, 2019 (WAU) – Heavy floods have destroyed farms and homes, displacing thousands of people in Tonj State, an official said.

The map of Warrap state in red
The map of Warrap state in red
Speaking to Sudan Tribune, the state information minister, William Wol Mayom Bol said floods engulfed 10 counties of the former Tonj north.

“Several farms have been destroyed and the areas witnessed huge displacement of thousands of people to the high lands,” said Bol.

Heavy floods have forced people into high land areas, he said.

The humanitarian situation, the minister said, has worsened and appealed to humanitarian agencies in the country to urgently intervene.

“I want to inform the public that the Tonj north counties are badly standing in water, all the villages are in the floods,” stressed Bol.

The officials said people in Warrap state need food assistance since the entire displaced population are depending on leaves and roots.

“Within Warrap county, people are displaced at high lands in Warrap town, they are in dire need of food and in need of drugs, diseases are caused by these floods, children are suffering, people are suffering because all crops have been flashed,” Bol stressed.

“We would like to call upon all the humanitarian agencies and the ministry of humanitarian affairs at the national level to urge all the humanitarian agencies to intervene,” he further added.

Over 13,000 household have been displaced by heavy floods, said Bol, appealing for shelter, food aid and medication for the displaced.