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Payinjiar community demand removal of county commissioner

October 27, 2019 (PAYINJIAR) – The Nyuong community in Payinjiar county of South Sudan’s Liech State have urgently demanded the immediate removal of their commissioner, Younes Kujiek Ruot.

The map of Unity state
The map of Unity state
The community, in a letter extended to Sudan Tribune, said Ruot was imposed on people of Payinjiar by the chief of military intelligence, Dhil Keah Chuol and Liech state governor, Tor Tungwar Kueiguong.

“These two had been meddling too much into our own affairs ignoring our capacity and the interest of Payinjiar people. Nyoung as a community will never betray the people of South Sudan who yawning for justice, quality and democratic society,” partly reads the group’s statement.

The community accused commissioner Ruot and the area army commander of initiating disarmament of local defence forces in June 2019, which allegedly resulted into raiding of Mayom Payam by youths from the neighbouring Mayiandit county.

“He [commissioner] expunged the customaries laws from the county and replaced it with his illegal fell policies of installing himself as the county judge instead of championing for local chiefs to resolve the minor issues,” the community letter read.

The community in the diaspora, as well as those in the United Nations Protection of Civilian sites, also faulted the embattled county commissioner for allegedly imposing a monthly contribution of 500,000SSP (about $3000) per payams for himself as well as his allies.

They further claimed any attempt to question the commissioner’s acts often ended badly, citing the unconstitutional removal of David Kuach Chatim Joak who was the deputy paramount in the area.

The commissioner has also been accused of harassing and imprisoning Nyoung intellectuals who question his ways of governing.

“As a community, we spurning to that spurious acts of tyranny and creation of division within Nyoung clans that we have experienced since he was imposed to be our leader,” further notes the statement.

They called upon the leadership in the country to investigate and take action in favour of the majority suffering from bad governance.

Efforts to reach the commissioner on matters raised by the community were futile.