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IOM unveils new building to Juba’s civil registry directorate

December 21, 2019 (JUBA) – The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has handed over a new office building to the Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passport and Immigration in South Sudan.

Minister of Interior and Japanese ambassador at the handover ceremony of new building to DCRNPI (IOM courtesy photo)
Minister of Interior and Japanese ambassador at the handover ceremony of new building to DCRNPI (IOM courtesy photo)
The two-storied building, officials said, will strengthen the directorate’s effectiveness.

The construction of the building was funded by the government of Japan under a project called ‘Capacity Building to Improve Border Security and Address Transnational Organized Crime in South Sudan’ which was launched in 2018.

Under this project, IOM has provided capacity building of law enforcement agencies with aims to contribute to government efforts to enhance border security, prevent transnational organized crimes and improve migrant protection in South Sudan.

“IOM is committed to working in close cooperation with the Government of South Sudan, and providing support in the form of capacity building, policy development, and the promotion of intra- and interagency cooperation at the national and regional level,” Tya Maskun, IOM South Sudan Head of Operations said on Thursday.

“The handover of this office building constitutes a landmark of a key project within these efforts, for which we appreciate the steadfast support of the Government of Japan, and the close coordination enjoyed with DCRNPI,” he added.

The Japanese ambassador to South Sudan, Seiji Okada said the Government of Japan has been supporting the efforts done by DCRNPI through IOM for a long time.

“With this new building, we trust that the working environment of DCRNPI leadership and its role to carry out migration policies will be improved,” said Okada.

“Capacity building trainings conducted by IOM through this project will also further support the DCRNPI and its respective offices at entry borders,” he added.

Meanwhile, South Sudan’s Interior Minister, Michael Chiangjiek, said the Government of South Sudan continues to enjoy very good and strong working relations with IOM and the Japanese government.

“This building is yet another symbol of the strong relationship we have with the people of Japan as well the good rapport we have with IOM,” said Chiangjiek.

“We will continue to work hand in hand to enhance border security and improve migrant protection in South Sudan,” he added.