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Museveni tasks cabinet on service delivery, corruption fight

June 23, 2021 (KAMPALA) – Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has urged members of his new cabinet to focus on service delivery and champion fight the against corruption.

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni (Photo: Carl Court/AP)
Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni (Photo: Carl Court/AP)
He was speaking at the swearing on ceremony of the newly-appointed ministers at a ceremony held in Kampala on Monday.

“This government must be one of service delivery. I don’t want to hear any more outcries from the people. People are crying because of evictions,” said the Ugandan leader.

“This cabinet must look into that,” he added.

Museveni, who was sworn in on May 12 for his sixth five-year term in office, appointed on June 9 an 81-member cabinet. He also sacked 37 former ministers, reshuffled and named new ones.

He tasked his new cabinet members to focus five targets, citing cohesion, corruption, integration, patriotism, and service delivery.

“This is a cabinet of cohesion in the system. I want the program of National Resistance Movement to be implemented enthusiastically. It must be a cabinet of no corruption. You people should be careful. There is nothing I don’t know. I appeal to the ministers not to ask for anything from anybody. If you want to be durable leaders, don’t seek and accept favour from anybody. And don’t tolerate corruption under you,” warned Museveni.

The president also said the new government must be a government of service delivery in the areas of education, health and roads.

“I don’t want to hear outcries anymore. The issue of justice, land evictions. This cabinet must look at those five targets. I congratulate all of you on being sworn in today and I congratulate all the people of Uganda for having successfully held elections in spite of the coronavirus and other challenges. Now we have got a parliament and cabinet. So, we are set now,” explained Museveni.

“This ceremony is part of the Constitution and we shall have our first cabinet meeting next Monday in Entebbe,” he added.

Meanwhile Museveni said lot of growth has been achieved in terms of education, agriculture, life expectancy, reduced infant mortality, infrastructure and others, over the last 35 years of his rule.

“39 per cent of homesteads are still in the non-money economy, meaning that 61 per cent of the economy are in the money economy. This cabinet must now resolve that all people work for the stomach and money as well,” he stressed.

Museveni was declared the winner of elections held on Jan. 14 this year after receiving 58% of the vote while his closest rival, Robert Kyagulanyi garnered 35%.